5 Secrets of Women Having Beautiful Straight Hairs

straight hair

There are different hair types. Some women have curly hair, others have straight hair. Some hairs are naturally dry while some are very fine. Regardless of your hair type, you have to care for it gently. Hair care should depend on the type of hair that you have, your lifestyle, and your style preferences.

Dry or curly hair will need more care in comparison to the women with straight or fine hair. Some of your have Oily hairs than others, especially when they are teenagers, the sebaceous glands are overactive and produce more sebum on the skin, scalp, and hair. Oil can clog pores and follicles.

In this post I will let you know how to keep your hair straight, perpetually primped if you are ready to spend some time mastering these tips and you will get the result which will pay off in a big way, hair care also depends on your interest and levels of activity.

 Let’s dive in,

Regular Brushing & Eating Right

While regular brushing of your hair will help keep it free from tangles, excessive only need to comb it twice a day. Using the proper comb or hairbrush, comb it down gently. Always remember that you should only comb your hair when it is dry because it is more susceptible to breaking when it is wet.

Eating right will give you a good foundation for having soft and shiny hair. A good diet to achieve healthy hair consists of the following: dairy products, eggs, milk, carrots, nuts, legumes, dark leafy vegetables, fish, and grains. Vitamin and mineral supplements will also be a big factor, such as iron. Iron helps make the hair stronger and prevents hair loss and other forms of damage such as dryness and split ends. Just the same, having severe diets and extreme weight loss will also cause your hair to deteriorate.

Natural Hair Treatment

You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive shampoos and hair treatments to get great hair. You can look around you and find some natural and inexpensive resources that you can use to restore shine and health to your hair.

  • The Egg Treatment: This treatment is best for dry hair or hair that easily becomes brittle. Separate egg whites from the yolk and get 2 cups of egg whites. Apply it to clean, wet hair and leave it on your hair for 20 minutes. After that, rinse it well using cool water. You will find that the egg conditioner will make your hair soft and shiny.
  • Yoghurt-Egg Mixture: For an all-natural hair conditioner, mix yogurt and eggs and rub the mixture into your scalp. Leave it on your hair for ten minutes then wash with cool water. The protein will make the hair strong and shiny.
  • Honey Conditioner: Get your favorite conditioner, measure out 1 cup of it and add 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix thoroughly. Apply this on wet hair and leave it for half an hour. Wash it well with cool water. The honey will close up the hair cuticles. The conditioner mixed with honey will make the hair shiny.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: To make your hair voluminous and bouncy, you can mix warm water and apple cider vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Apply this solution to your hair and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse with cool water to remove the vinegar smell.

Natural Oil & Juice Treatments 

  • Almond Oil: Alis used to treat damaged hair or dry hair. To best utilize almond oil, get some drops and place them in a bowl. Heat it for about 30 to 40 seconds then apply evenly on your hair. Leave the almond oil on your hair for half an hour then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Remember to use cool water.
  • Coconut Oil:  it’s an excellent moisturizer not only for the skin but also for hair follicles. Use a small amount of coconut oil and rub it gently on your hair and scalp. You can also do this before wash day so that the hair will be soaked and well moisturized.
  • Lemon Juice: You can apply one tablespoon of lemon juice on your hair after you wash it. After application, you can towel dry your hair. The lemon juice will prevent dryness

Choose Right Shampoo and Conditioner

You have to choose a shampoo and a conditioner that perfectly match your hair and scalp type. Using the right shampoo is very helpful in making your hair healthy. There are many different kinds of hair types, and if you can’t find a good shampoo for your hair, you can always go for baby shampoos. These types of shampoos have no harsh chemicals that could damage your hair or your scalp

It is good to wash your hair regularly. This does not mean that you need to wash your hair every day. If you have oily hair, you can go without washing for 2 – 3 days. You can wash with a dry shampoo to keep it clean on the days that you do not wash it.

Always use conditioner after every shampoo Conditioners are designed to keep your hair moisturized, strong, and healthy. Likewise, you will find that your hair will be easier to manage.

Hair Care Routine and Habits

Unhealthy and frequent use of styling products, such as dyes, blow dryer and curling irons, can damage hair and lead to hair loss pulling the hair too tightly in very taut ponytails or braid will also cause them to break or fall off. You will usually lose hair around your forehead or face. Once you stop these poor habits and take good care of your hair, they will naturally grow back. If you are looking for Hair Care treatments you can choose for Hair Rebonding in Delhi  and other metro cities in a professional salon that can help you to get the silk and shine hair-like natural


Taking care of your hair and scalp is just as important as taking care of any part of your body. You can grow long and healthy hair if you follow a proper diet, get enough vitamins and minerals, and develop great hair care routines and habits. Always go for natural means as much as you can.

Whatever type of hair you have right now, you do not have to limit yourself. Proper hair care routines and hairstyles can help you achieve a look that you will love. It can also bring confidence to your life. Your hair can indeed be your crowning glory. 

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