How to Get A Chiseled Jawline

how to get a chiseled jawline

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to get a chiseled jawline, then listen up. I’m going to share all the secrets about getting a chiseled jawline in this article, so be prepared to take notes, study in depth, and apply the advice that I am going to give you here.

This is inspired by Masculine Development, which has some great content on getting a better jawline. In this article I will talk about three of the most important tips I have found to get a more chiseled jawline.

So, with that in mind my friends, brothers, and sisters, let us get started!

How to Get A Chiseled Jawline

A lot of getting a chiseled jawline is genetic. If you weren’t born with great genetics, the ability you will have to get a more chiseled jawline is going to be very limited. But worry not though, my friends! If you apply these exercises, you will have a better jawline in no time.

Step 1. Chiseled Jawline Exercises

This again is taken from Masculine Development, who also posts many great dating articles here. Taken from his blog:

It’s no secret that having a chiseled jawline makes you more attractive to women. In fact, studies have shown that a man’s jawline is the number one determinant of whether or not a man’s face is attractive to the opposite sex.

Every single sex symbol out there, whether it be Brad Pitt or Taylor Lautner, has a chiseled jawline. There’s just no way around this: if you want to turn heads, and have women approach YOU, you need to develop a chiseled jawline.

Yes, you should still learn how to spit game on girls, how to dress well, and how to be more confident to attract women…but why not make things easier on yourself, and maximize your looks? It’s pretty easy to do, too. You can easily get a more chiseled jawline in a month.

I actually just ordered this stuff a couple of months ago, and I started noticing a difference after a couple of weeks, but really started to notice a difference after a month. My jawline seems to be way more chiseled than it was before—in fact, one of the girls I’ve been seeing even commented on it.

“Did you get plastic surgery or something?”

“Ummm…no, why?”

“I don’t know. Your jawline looks way better.”

I have to say that it felt pretty good to hear this. And to be honest, it wasn’t even that hard to get to this point. All I do is chew it vigorously until I get a nice sore jaw, then I spit it out. This usually only takes 15-30 minutes a day, but it’s not as much as it sounds like.

I just chew on the stuff when I’m writing blog articles, at the gym, or sitting around and watching a seminar or educational video at the end of the day. I just chew, chew, chew, until my jaw starts to get sore, and then I chew a few more minutes before spitting it out.

As I’m sure you can tell, using mastic gum to do some chewing exercises, and jawline exercises, is very powerful.

The stuff is imported from the Greek islands however and is very difficult to chew! So beware. If you are a beginner you may not be able to chew this stuff for any longer than 5 minutes at a time, but you must work your way up to 10 minutes and more if you want to get a jawline.

Step 2. How to Get A Chiseled Jawline (Lower Body Fat)

If you want to get a chiseled jawline, you must lower your body fat, period. If you do not know how to do this, see the other articles we have here at link world and apply some of their advice.

The first piece of advice I have to you my friend is to eat less. I know it is simple, but eating less is better. Eat more high quality proteins, meats, and better leafy green vegetables. Eat many salads as well!

This will help lower your body fat percentage, which will in turn give your face a more lean and chiseled look.

Step 3. How to Get A Chiseled Jawline (Boost Testosterone)

The best way to get a chiseled jawline is to boost testosterone. This is a no brainer.

Women are attracted to a chiseled jawline, because it signifies good genetics, and in turn as a man, high testosterone.

This may not be as effective if your body is fully developed, but over time your face will restructure if you have a lot of testosterone flowing around in your blood stream.

Chiseled Jawline Exercises (Summary)

In short, to get a chiseled jawline, doing the jawline exercises I listed is the best thing to do. This will drastically improve your jawline, and give you the most bang for your buck.

Aside from this, follow my other advice. Get down to 8% bodyfat, and boost your testosterone, and you will have a better jawline in no time at all!

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