3 Tips to write posts on your blog


When it comes to writing a new post for our blog, we have to consider a few things. Today we are going to give you some tips  for writing posts for your blog but more focused on Google indexing the post well, than on what you have to write..

Why do we approach it in this way? Because we believe that there are certain basic points that every company or blogger knows and we do not consider that we should deepen for someone who already writes often. We will only name some of them.

First, simplicity. Do not put paragraphs of forty lines. The reader would literally die even before he stopped reading. Of course, you have to write about your subject, who can write trees if your page is online marketing? – Neither do you have to invent content and you must take care of the language with which you write. You are not talking to the Benemérita but not to your colleagues on the street smoking a … cigarette.

These are some tips for Google to see that you have done a good job

Try to always post your posts on the same days of the week or with the same frequency. It does not do any good to upload a day four post because you’ve been inspired by writing and take a month to rewrite. Also, you do not have any justification to do this because, nowadays, all the articles that you upload to your blog can be programmed.

Do not forget to use visual elements. Maybe you still can not use the best images in the world because you can not invest in a bank of images , but you can still get many in Google. It is also important that you monitor the quality of them. Keep in mind that if in a first search you only see photos with bad qualities, there is a tab in Google Images, under the search bar where it says: Web, images, news … Click on Search tools and in the size option select the what do you need?

Oh! Do not forget, when you are going to publish a photo in your post, name it for SEO. For this, if the post is titled: “The best tactics to write your post”, you must name your photo as follows: “best-tactics-write-post”. There are also the so-called ALT tags . This is nothing more than putting keywords in the photo. Fill in the sections of Description and Alternative text, with the keywords of your website and the post.

The types of links you should use in a post

The links are very important for several reasons besides there are different types of links that you can place. On the one hand, you must place links within the text that lead to other posts of your blog . With this you can retain the reader much longer on your page and this is ideal to get sell your products or services. Also note that the link text must be in accordance with the text on which the link is placed. Let’s see an example of something well done:

  • Phrase: “I would like to enroll in the search engines , how do I do it?”

As you can see, the link contains the words on which it has been placed, but the same ones exactly, some similar ones.

Another type of links are external links . You must put frequently (this does not mean that in all articles), links that lead to different pages were yours and always with similar content. You can think: “Yes man, I’m going to put in my pages, links of my competition to take them traffic”. But Google literally does not care what you think since Google thinks: “If someone takes into consideration other websites in their sector, it implies that the content of that website is good, reliable.”

Labels, labels H2, H3 … What are they? What are they!

Do not panic, do not panic if you have never heard of it. And those who have heard about it … Well, they know it’s a chordal. When you are going to post an entry you can put headers . The so-called titles 2, titles 3, etc. Well, it’s just that. What happens is that it is so named because if you see the html it is written with labels that have this form: <h2> </ h2>

And finally, do not forget that you write for people, not for you. So you must adapt the text to your visitors, readers and Internet users under the premise: Is my content offering you some kind of value?

Mordan Sean:

The author of above content is a professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing Solutions a leading Best Logo Design Companies provider in the United States.

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