Uses of the Mobile Hand Wash Station


When you are a child you are taught that it is required that you wash your hands after you visit the toilet or after you finish eating food. Hands are known to carry a lot of bacteria and transport them into your mouth and then into your system, making you very sick. Hence it is a good habit to wash hands once you have touched unclean things with them. For such cleanliness there are wash basins in your house or your work place and you use them regularly. However, what happens when you are visiting some outside construction site or are attending some outdoor event, or even are attending a picnic or trek expedition with a large group of people. Usually at such places there are wash basinsand these have multiple uses.

Large or small catering events like stage shows and concerts are where thousands of people gather in one place. When an even organizer makes arrangements for such events, they also have to organize toilets and hand washing facilities for the people attending the event. Usually in such events there are portable toilets which are installed and attached to main water and sewage supply systems in one area of the event venue. However,hand washing stations are also required and not only near the toilets but also at regular intervals, spread out all across the venue. These stations are fully equipped with running water supply and can be used by people to wash hands as well as faces. They are portable and can be installed near a water supply outlet and can also be connected to a sewage pipeline. They are very convenient and keep the venue clean and sanitary when the event is going on.

These mobile hand wash stations are made with their own storage tank for fresh water and also a sewage tank if you need to install them at places where there is no direct access to an underground sewage system. A mobile hand wash station can have 2 wash basins on either side with tap facility to both basins so can be used by 2 people at a time. The installation and removal is very easy and highly simple to maintain.

Another use of a separate hand wash station can be that every time a person has to just wash his or her hands, he or she does not have to enter thetoilet and use the wash basin available there. Sometimes the toilets might always be full during large events and people who just need to wash hands after eating their food can use the individual wash stations installed outside the toilets. These units are made with ecofriendly material and are very convenient to get installed. Once the event is over, they canhave removed and reinstalled at a different event.

Large catering events like food festivals and food galas have thousands of food stalls and food joints all at one place, on one venue. Here people come to eat and hence would need hand washing facilities between a number of food stalls. Hence a portable wash basin can be used for these temporary food festivals and large catering events. They are most crucial when the event venue does not have water supply to every corner of the venue. As these stations come with their own water supply tank, they are the best option during such events.

If you own or work for an event organizing company, it would be best advisable to be in contract with a company which supplies portable washrooms, basins and even luxury restrooms. It is the need of the times and hence your company would definitely earn goodwill.

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