Use business eGovernance platforms to make application processes easier and encourage more people to start businesses

eGovernance platforms

Registering an establishment through the Shops and Establishment Act or getting through the FSSAI registration is a mandatory process, and all businesses by definition have to go through it. These establishments have to register with the Indian Government. When working with any organization relating to the Government, there are a lot of benefits which are the only reason that companies are getting through the registration process. When it comes to the actual registration, the process is quite tedious, requiring a lot of paperwork and multiple backs and forth with the Government office. To streamline the process, the Government created a business eGovernance website that applicants can use for a better understanding of the registration processes.

Use business eGovernance platforms to make application processes easier and encourage more people to start businesses. 

Some of the benefits of getting through the registration with the shops and establishments act are the ability to use the licence for several other registration processes. After a company registers through the Shops and Establishment Act, they receive their shop licence that they should prominently display at their premises. The Shop licence is needed to register for all Government schemes and other documentation that they have to get through. There would be other documentation and information about the company to be provided as well. The fact that a business has the licence, and is registered, it is understood that it is safe to wok with it.


Another requirement of running a business is applying for a business bank account, also called a current account. The shop licence is the main requirements when applying to open a current account with any of the banks. Furthermore, having a shop licence reduces the amount of compliance and due diligence that has to be handled by the company. Even when authorities come to visit the store, they would not worry too much about the inspection since it was done in the past when they received their shop licence.


While all businesses have to get a shop licence, there are fewer companies that have to get through the FSSAI registration. Only food businesses and food business operators have to apply for the food licence, which they can only receive after the FSSAI registration. There are several benefits to the company when they get an FSSAI registration since they are in the database and would receive benefits from the primary organization.


Depending on the work businesses are doing, they have to get through various registration processes and depending on the size of their company, might have to register at the head office in Delhi. There are three types of FSSAI registrations, the basic which is for all the smaller FBOs, the state FSSAI registration and the central registration which is for companies with branches across the country and not just in one state and with a turnover of more than 12 crores.


The eGovernance website is capable of assisting businesses with their registration processes. It has information on various government processes that they have to complete, including the various registration processes that different websites have to go through. Other than having information and documentation and more information, the website also provides all the forms that they have to use to get through the process.


Applicants can use the information and forms on the website when they are getting through the registration and upload their details. They can even attach their certification and send that for verification through the online portal. The website will send everything that it receives to the right departments and provide the individual with an update. They can then have a team come over and inspect their premises. Some people prefer not working with the website, but they can use them to gather the information they need to have a better understanding of the process. They can even print the forms from the website and submit them at the office along with the supporting documents which they would understand through their usage of the website.

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