10 Best Team Building Programs And Activities

team building programs

Team Building Programs

Team building programs are the process of building a team of individual employees into a cohesive team to perform various types of team building activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams.

Benefits Of The Team Building Programs 

  • Build Trust – Team-building programs can help build up trust among your employees. Trust is a vital component of the business, especially when teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve goals and grow companies.
  • Teamwork – Team building programs create the time to focus on the importance of teamwork and what is needed to make you a better team. Learning how to work together effectively will create efficiency and knowledge on how to manage each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Communication – Team building programs can facilitate to break down the barrier in communication and help the team to communicate with each other and build trust between each which helps in team performance
  • Leadership – All teams need leadership from one or all members of a team. Structured team building programs will identify leadership qualities in individuals and highlight areas where all staff can contribute as leaders.
  • Employee Motivation – leadership and team building go hand in hand. The happier your employees are to express their thoughts and opinions, the more confident they will become. This will inspire them to take on new tasks ( Important for team building programs ).
  • Responsibility – Each member of a team has a role to play. Being responsible for a role will either fulfill successfully or learnings are taken from the mistakes for future. Team building programs will teach employees how taking responsibility in a team can contributors to team performance.
  • Develops Problem Solving Skills – Team building programs that help the employees or team members to think in unique ways to find the solutions for the problems. With the team that is capable of solving the problems will give more value to the company.

Here are the lists of some sample team building programs/games that help the company/ employees to have fun and can network themselves and collaborate in a team with each other in a team building programs and activities.

10 Best Team Building Programs For Employees


Poker Tower – team building programs 

In this team building programs, Issue a pack of poker cards and a pair of scissors to each team of 2-5 members. Educate the team to build the tallest poker tower with ONLY the poker cards and scissors given to them. This will helps employees/team members to think creatively and team building, as the team figures out how to build the tower with the partial material offered.


Egg Drop 

This is a classic interactive problem. Divide the team into 2-3 teams of reasonable size. The task is to build an egg package that can keep the egg unbroken from a 2-4 story drop. Things need to be provided in the task is balloons, straws, tape, newspapers, rubber bands and plastic, Give the teams 30min-1hour to create the package. And then, every team should drop the egg package from the 2nd storey.


Talking in Circles 

This team building program is a highly challenging game which is for teams who love challenging tasks. Circle everyone around a long piece of string that is tied at its ends to form a circle. Tell everyone to catch the string with both hands and hold the string waist high. Without letting go, the team should form shapes with the string; a triangle, a square, a figure eight, a rectangle, etc. Repeat the game but with everyone’s eyes closed! This will make everybody communicate clearly and pay attention. Once they form shapes stop them and open their eyes to see their progress.


Blind Drawing Activity

The team building activity requires 2 players to sit back to back, where one of the team members will be given a picture of an object or word. Without saying directly what the thing is, the team guy must describe the image without using words that clearly describes the image. They have to describe in such a way that the words should not say the thing for example – if it is a “flower” then the team member can describe it as hearts put together, a string/rope holding the hearts, rain/water drops and so on. The team member with pen and paper should draw the object based on the verbal description and their own understanding. After they describe the results on paper its very funny to see and gives a picture of whether 2 team members can successfully imagine, communicate and innovate in each other’s company.


Scramble Puzzle Activity 

In this team building programs, You need to blindfold and need 2 sets of pre-school puzzles. Make the team blindfolded and they have to sit in a circle. Anyone of the teammates is without the blindfold and has to sit outside with his back to the group. Spread puzzle pieces across the table in front of the blindfolded group. The team members should try to arrange the pieces and complete the puzzle. The teammate sitting outside will have the same puzzle in a completed format and can guide the blindfolded group helping to clear the task.


Memory Wall – team building activities

Best team building programs in which Place a whiteboard and distribute post-it notes among the team members. Write down work-related themes on the whiteboard like “Work Travel”, “My First Day”, “Team Celebrations”, “Working with Different teams” etc. and let team members write down special team memories and memories should be related to any of the theme mentioned on the whiteboard. Let group members walk down the memory lane by asking everyone to share what they have written and post the same on the whiteboard wall. Teams will be left with beautiful smiles on their faces for a long time.


Tangled Activity – team building activities

This team building activity is also known as The Human Knot, this team activity is a bit of fun and, again, introduces physical touch to the team-building equation. Have team members form circles of about six to eight members, all facing one another. When you say “gooo,” everybody has to grab the hands of two other members of the circle who are not right next to them. Once everyone has grabbed hands, it is up to each team to disentangle without letting go of one another. If you have multiple teams doing this exercise, it can be fun to make this a race.


Two Truths and a Lie – team building activites

This is an old style of team-building activities and the best team building program that attracts employees. The idea is that each person comes up with three things to tell the group about themselves. Of those three things, one should be a lie. It seems simple enough, but what people do with this exercise is always fun. As far as members of your team are concerned, if they can get people to guess that the facts are lies, they won, when in realism, the whole team won by learning more about that team member.


Block Game team activity – team building activities

This team building programs “block game” require different pieces of blocks and silence. The goal of the activity is to understand other members of the team without talking. It deeper the relationships between the team by allowing every member to appreciate other’s perspectives.


Scavenger Hunt – team building activities

In this team building programs, separate the group into teams of 2 or more. Make a list of crazy tasks for each team to do as a group. Tasks can be anything like taking a selfie with random girl/boy, doing crazy act in office, etc. Give the list of task to each team, along with a timeline by which they must complete all tasks. The team which completes the most tasks the quickest wins!

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