4 Essential Skills You Require For Writing a Dissertation

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Dissertation can rightly be described as the finest piece of academic writing. If we evaluate all the academic writing tasks done by student, dissertations will acquire the ace position in terms of expertise required and weight that it holds. While writing a thesis, a student is displaying his finest skills of research, analysis and presentation. So, what you should have in yourself so that you get what you desire from your dissertation? Read more to find out.

1. Research Skills:

A student is expected to explore the topic a bit more deeply than what is required for doing other assignments. So, research skills mainly involve making a correct reading list, picking the relevant information and also make list of information sources. All this helps in attaining deeper investigation and better knowledge about the subject. In addition to having the reading abilities, the student should also be comfortable with data collection techniques.

Not all researches are of primary nature, sometimes field investigation is also required to write a dissertation based on correct facts. Some important field research techniques students should know about are:

A. Interviewing: The student should prepare a questionnaire that serves the purpose of finding answers to the questions he is going to address in dissertation.
B. Surveys: To gather common viewpoint and also to find a typical deviation from the hypothesis, students should take help of surveys. Sometimes, participants are asked to become the part of survey; while at others, students conduct survey for collecting the information. In both the cases, the choice of target group has to be appropriate.
C. Observation: Long researches spanning over the months and years require students to observe. The observations are made to record changes with time and to arrive upon the conclusion accordingly.

Though the list of data collection techniques is quite extensive, listed above are those that are common to most of the subject areas.

2. Data Analysis Skills:

The data is nothing more than a collection of figures and responses if the student is not able to extract the information from it. Thus, to get the correct results, the researcher should be able to analyse the data with the help of relevant data analysis techniques. Analysing the data requires the student to have a sharp eye and investigative bend of mind. He should be able to figure out the pattern in the data, or should be able to find the direction in which the information tends to deviate. The analysis techniques allow the researcher to stick to or deviate from the hypothesis with well-evidenced arguments.

Some important data analysis techniques are:

A. Sub-group analysis: If the student is able to see the emergence of an information set into the sub-groups, then he is likely to land upon a more refined observation.
B. Quantitative analysis: It involves use of statistical methods like median, variance, coefficient of variance, etc. The researcher needs to find the result from numerical data with the help of statistical tools and arrive upon a conclusion. The truthfulness of any data sample is categorically examined using quantitative analysis techniques.
C. Qualitative analysis: Analyzing any data qualitatively involves making arguments on the basis of past researches done. The researcher goes through the existing books, journals, newspaper articles and many more and draws inferences by making connection between the literature review and data collected. Mostly, these are done to crack down the case studies and other analyses of real life situations.

3. Writing Skills:

Quite obvious, one should be able to complete the task of dissertation writing. The words chosen should be quite technical. There should be clear road-map in mind regarding the structure of dissertation. The writer should be able to write the chapters as per the guidelines, and there has to be logical flow in the information presented in each section of the dissertation.

While writing a literature review, for example, the student should use techniques of direct quoting and paraphrasing. The idea is to use other person’s work in the dissertation in such a way that the originality of the document is retained while taking care that the credit from the past researcher is not snatched away.

The writer must know all about grammar, punctuation, quotations and phrases and should be able to knit all of these qualities into his document so that the final result is a super fine dissertation meeting all the standards of quality and reliability.

With the use of electronic ways of writing, the student is given tools like italicization, underlining, word-art etc. The student can create an indelible impression on the minds of the reviewer if they make use of all these techniques creatively and bring desired quality in terms of presenting the information.

4. Presentation Skills:

Students may be asked to present the dissertation also. So, making proper notes is essential to ensure that you have highlighted the most important information. Try to deviate the audience to that portion of the dissertation that is open-ended and creates room for discussion. It will help you to highlight the knowledge you have gained during the course of writing the dissertation.

Dissertation writing is an art in addition to it being a technique. So, make use of the skills, or cultivate them, if you are lacking them in order to be able to accomplish a well-designed dissertation.


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