7 Smart Ways to Kick-Out the Pressure of Exams

sitting near sun
sitting near sun

When we talk about the nightmares of a student, exams occupy the topmost part of the list. The arrival of exams takes away all the enthusiasm from the life of a student. An unusual pressure starts developing in the scholar’s mind. If one wants to achieve great success in h(is)er exams, then it is evident that the stress is certainly going to build up. A small amount of stress is necessary to keep yourself motivated towards hard work. But too much pressure can degrade your performance. It can affect you mentally as well as physically. In this way, the exam stress works both ways. Now it depends on you that if you take it positively to study more and score well in the exams, or you let it overpower you and decrease your abilities to perform effectively.

The exam strain can become the reason of poor performance. Whenever anything stresses you, you need to identify the causes and start working on the remedies. Same can be applied here. To combat the stress of exams, you first need to ponder about the various reasons that are responsible for it. So we have drafted this blog for university students who are in trouble with their exams and how they can Kick-Out the Pressure of Exams. Some common factors are:

1) Lack of preparation
2) Feeling unmotivated
3) Comparison with friends
4) Fear from a particular subject

Any of the above-mentioned reasons can cause the students feel tensed and make them unable to study anymore. But if once you figure out the ways of managing this stress, you will be able to give your exams with ease. There are some tips explained below that will make the pressure disappear in one go, and you will start studying cheerfully for your exams.

Get Sound Sleep of At Least 8 Hours

A sound sleep of at least eight hours is important to relax your body and mind. Do not ponder about the things you have learned while you are in bed. Let your thoughts limited to the study desk. A relaxed mind gives better results than a tensed one. Also, you should never study continuously for hours. Take time to relax your mind in-between. A short nap will do the deed.

Make Music Your Stress Reliever

Music has always worked as a stress reliever. Listening to your favourite tone enthusiast your mind and encourage you to work. Just add some refreshing melodies to your playlist and get your earphones on. You will forget about all the stress that was clutching you before.

Make Smart Study Routines

Most of the students make the daily schedule for exam preparation but fail to follow it. The reason behind is the boring and busy routine which makes them difficult to follow it on a regular basis. You need to be smart while planning the study schedule for the day. Add the activities and exercises that interest you and refresh your mind. You can include a large number of hours continuously for study but take a ten minutes break every hour. This will relax your mind after every hour and help you in learning efficiently.

Include Educational Apps in Your Mobile

No student gets bored with his/her mobile ever. So, why not use it for study as well? There are lots of apps available on the Google play store that you may find relevant for your studies. For example, calculation apps help you speeding up in solving the math problems. Theoretical subjects can also be studied with the use of these educational apps.

Add Recreational Activities in Your Schedule

Studying the whole day without any amusement can make study a tedious task, even if the subject is interesting. Adding a little amount of fun can save you from this. Fun activities should always be a part of your daily routine. They make you forget about the pressure and build your interest towards work. After carrying out your favourite recreational activity, you will be able to study with more enthusiasm.

Mind Needs its Own Ways of Relaxing

Apart from all the recreational activities, meditation works most effectively in releasing the stress of your mind. Practising meditation regularly, not only reduces your mental stress but also improves your focus. This comes as an additional advantage if one opt meditation as a stress releasing exercise.

Say a Big No to the Distractions

So many times we check our Facebook, Instagram, etc. during the study. We do it for a few minutes but do not realise that the summing all it can be a large fraction of the time. It not only wastes your precious minutes but makes you lose your focus as well. Another couple of minutes get wasted in developing the focus again. So, never use your phone between your study hours.

By applying all the above techniques, you can make the pressure of the exams disappear. Studying without being stressed is what makes it easier to perform exceptionally well in the exams. So, from now on stop worrying about the exams and face them with delight.

Summary: Exam stress is constantly putting the students in depression and resulting in the degradation of their performances. But one can reduce the pressure of exams by implementing some of the smart tips. Read this post to know about them.


Author Bio: Mira Smith is associated with Global Assignment Help as an academic writer, and has helped many students by providing them assignment help. She has done her MS in Computer Science. Being a techno geek, she loves reading technical blogs and magazines.

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