How to enjoy educational process: 7 simple tips to make learning easier and more effective

How to enjoy educational process
enjoy educational process

Even after graduating from school and university, we are constantly learning something: we take courses and training, we dream of speaking foreign languages, we learn new skills at work.

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How to enjoy educational process

  1. Take a break

Our body and brain cannot work continuously. If you give yourself up to study or work entirely, you can burn out very quickly. Get yourself at least one day off a week, even if the deadlines are tight. During the day, alternate periods of concentration and rest: after 50–90 minutes of immersion in study, it is worth a pause for 10–20 minutes. Don’t confuse rest and recovery with hanging out on social media – it is unlikely to provide a full discharge. Better to take a walk, sleep, chat with friends, or just lie down.

  1. Move around

Sport really helps you think better: it provides oxygen access to the brain cells, stimulates the production of a protein involved in their formation, and increases the level of neurotransmitters. All this affects the ability to memorize and process information. But you shouldn’t be zealous. Three lessons a week for half an hour will be enough to feel better and learn faster. Think about what kind of sport will be of interest to you – running, pilates, yoga, swimming, dancing, tennis and schedule it.

  1. Experience positive emotions

The educational process is always more effective if it brings pleasure. The reason is dopamine: it is produced when we do something pleasant, after which the brain remembers the action and asks for more.

There are two ways to make your studies more enjoyable:

  • Learn the way you really enjoy doing it. For example, watching TV shows in the original language or chatting with foreigners while learning the language.
  • Divide the process into many small tasks and come up with rewards for completing each of them. Better if they are not related to food and hanging on social media. Allow yourself to buy the book you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, or go for a pleasant walk. However, sometimes a simple checkmark in the to-do list can serve as a reward.

To get positive emotions from the learning process, you need a true desire to learn something, to do it. Desire should be greater than fear, more than anything that can hinder you. It is during the learning process that your desire is tested: the more you want it, the more likely you are to do it. Going to a Japanese class in company is a disgusting experience.

  1. Add practices

Polyglot Benny Lewis learned a new language in an average of three months thanks to the fact that in the new country from the very first day he spoke with the locals using a phrasebook. Scott Young, the author of Superlearning, learned how to draw faces within a month thanks to hundreds of sketches. The entrepreneur Tristan de Montebello entered the top ten at the World Oratory Championship in six months thanks to the fact that he spoke several times a day, moving between oratory clubs and schools.

Practice not only helps us become better but also makes learning more interesting. Developing your own computer game will help you master programming and provide additional motivation. And communication on Skype with native speakers will revive classes and speed up the process of language learning.

  1. Plan

Planning is often associated with constraints and unnecessary boundaries. However, in studies, planning allows you to be more effective. Having drawn up a schedule of classes in advance, you will not think about what to do with the free time, and you will stop learning in fits and starts. This will streamline life and help you really do everything.

  1. Learn Learning Skills

Important skills that will come in handy in your studies include speed reading, touch typing, and mind mapping. Speed ​​reading will help you quickly study large volumes of text, highlight the main thing and concentrate only on it. Blind typing is a good way to speed up your computer work. It allows you to focus on what you are writing about, rather than finding the right buttons. Mind maps are an effective method of storing information. This is something like a diagram, in the centre of which the main concept is located, and branches-categories diverge from it. You can supplement them with drawings, colored highlights and symbols.

  1. Necessity and prospects

It happens that it is necessary to learn a skill. For example, you are going to the sea, but you cannot swim. You understand that you can learn this essential skill during your trip. Someone who knows how to swim can teach you. If he is a good friend of yours, your relationship will grow stronger. It can be fun, getting the skill you need! What advice does this example give? Make learning the skills you need fun.

What to do when it all doesn’t work?

If you’re using all the practices and you still don’t succeed in learning effectively, there may be deeper reasons for your procrastination.

Very often procrastination is compared to pain. But take your time thinking that pain is bad. Pain is a helpful signal that something is wrong with us. It’s the same with procrastination. If we constantly put off important and useful things for later, this is a signal.

One of the most common causes of procrastination is fatigue. We often confuse it with laziness, because these two states are similar: in both cases, we are lying and do not want to do anything. But it is extremely dangerous to mix drugs. If in a state of fatigue you say to yourself: “Pull yourself together, piece of a rag! Get out of your comfort zone! “- then you will simply kill yourself. We wake up, go to work, kill ourselves there in the trash, and in the evening we return and still want to find strength for self-development or English classes. To check if this is your case, try studying in the morning while you are fresh. If you are not fresh in the morning … Most likely, you have problems with sleep. But that is another story.

Perfectionism is also a fertile field for the development of procrastination. The first commandment of the perfectionist-procrastinator: “Better to do well, but never, than somehow, but today.” We`re not pushing you to “start somehow,” but remember fatigue. If you, a tired person, start pushing yourself, you will break down at some point.

Finally, a no less excellent reason for procrastination is false desires, also called palsognomism, based on the episode of South Park about the underpants gnomes. Who did not look: underwear gnomes made their way to the boys’ rooms at night and stole panties. They did it for a reason, they had a clear business plan: to collect cowards and make a profit. But they did not think about how to do it. Often we behave like underwear gnomes, for example, we sign up for fitness, expecting to get a profit. But are you really sure that your decision is the best way to make this profit? The trouble is not that these things are bad, but that they draw attention away from more important things.

The subconscious mind can sense this and turn on the procrastination defence mechanism. A test question for false desires: “Do you have butterflies moving inside when you think about this case?” We don’t mean to say that everything we do should be pleasant. But if nothing causes such sensations in your life, then this is already an ambush. And a direct path to burnout. Procrastination is often not a bad thing. It’s just that someone inside is holding you back from unnecessary actions. Think about it.

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