The Use of Instagram in Email Marketing – How Can You Use Instagram to Make Your Email Campaign a Hit?


Finding new ways to do online marketing is very important so that you can increase the productivity of your online presence on one platform, and make the most out of the users of that platform. One of the most highly trending social media platforms these days is the Instagram. And people of almost any age have one account there as long as they have moderate to little interest in active picture sharing.

Instagram is flying high with growing numbers of users and offers a lucrative marketing platform

The average user takes selfies and pictures of events and happenings around him and loves sharing them online through such apps like Instagram which allows for great picture editing filters and tools. Besides, the app also offers instant sharing from the mobile, on the go, without having to use the computer. Moreover, Instagram comes with amazing textual features too where you can comment, put hashtags, share and like pictures, and start a chat. That’s the biggest reason for the popularity of the app and social media platform.

And this makes Instagram one of the popular places for you to start your business promotions and marketing through the same visual appeal formula. The more you post photos, events, slideshows, infrastructure, promotional events, teamwork photos, and more about the business, the better would be your business promotion. And the more you use services like Gramista to increase your fan following on the media to the highest, the closer you would be towards branding and your marketing goal.

Making your Instagram followers your email subscribers

The real fun starts when you use these promotional pictures and slideshows etc., shared on Instagram, to attract more users into being your marketing email and newsletter subscribers. This can be done with simple, methodical steps which are as follows:

  • Make a good Instagram business profile
  • Make attractive posters and promotional images containing tempting offers and information about your products and services
  • Post the promo images on your Instagram business account
  • Use appropriate hashtags with the posts to reach the maximum audience
  • In the process try and increase the number of followers on Instagram through the help of professional services
  • Now create a sign-up form using a form creator service and get a link to that form
  • Embed the link on your Instagram profile at the Bio section in the URL box
  • Get users to click on your sign up form link by offering interesting promotions through the promotional image posts
  • When users click on the link, they become subscribers.

This is the way you transform general visitors and followers on Instagram into your email subscribers. However, do not live in the notion that getting email leads will instantly turn you into a millionaire or skyrocket your marketing campaigns and business. Rather you must be highly cautious about how carefully you handle the leads, and let not the leads complain about boring meaningless and non-productive emails. Although it’s challenging to build impression only through promotional emails and newsletters, yet it’s doable when you integrate social media and interesting graphical media into the email body and make those emails visually appealing too.

Embed your Instagram link on the emails

While visitors coming from Instagram to your emails should know about your online presence in more than one way, it’s also important that people who were already your email subscribers and never knew about your social media presence in details gets to know about your presence on Instagram. This two way linking is important to create a broader presence on the internet before your visitors. This creates an impression of how modern and updated you are like the business and service provider, to maintain an account on Instagram which deals with photographs and images and video clips mainly.

When visitors get an idea of how updated you are with the social media, this creates a great impression, and the youth looks at you with hope and anticipation to get the best-updated services. And to achieve this goal, and create this impression, you will have to simply embed an Instagram picture with the link to the Instagram profile, or some Instagram button on your email. Whether you post the social button or the image, it has to be interesting and must attract a click.

How to draw the link between the two forms of marketing

The link between Instagram and email marketing can be established this way that, email readers will be directed to follow Instagram and the Instagram followers will be directed to read emails. And both ways they would be tempted by real offers and promotional codes, and discounts, etc., which you actually give to the users when they convert into your customers.

You may hire a graphical designer, especially for this job. The job of the designer would be to make interesting banners, posters, and graphics, with text messages and slogans, taglines and promo offers. And you must use those graphics in both newsletters and emails, and also a post on the Instagram account. And while doing this do not forget optimizing the images for the best results.

Concluding Notes

Blending marketing techniques online can create such mesh networks that you can connect better with the visitors and readers, and can create a pronounced and prominent online presence through the multiple modes. And to start with while you must get your email newsletters developed by an expert, you must also, on the other hand, get your social media profiles developed and updated every day. Your Instagram account should ideally not go without any posting for a single day, and you must keep on updating the account frequently to create the effect.


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