5 Ways of Keeping Your Family Members Healthy when Someone Else Is Suffering from Chickenpox


There might be someone in your family who has been infected with the varicella virus and is suffering from chickenpox. Just because the virus is contagious, it does not mean that you will not take care of the one who is suffering. It is extremely important that you take care of the patient, but it is crucial that you keep yourself safe in the process. If you are not keeping yourself protected, it is obvious that the virus will drag the entire household down.

Given below is a list of the steps that you should follow for keeping yourself away from the virus at all times.

The water should be safe for the family members and the infected persons

It is important that you avoid sharing the same utensils that the patient is using. Make sure that the bottle or the glass from which the patient is drinking water is kept separate from the bottles of the other members of the family. You can also use bottled water or filtered water, which allows preventing the infections of chickenpox from spreading.

Washing the hands regularly

You should use soap for washing your hands on a regular basis. Ensure that you have two hands together for a long time by interlocking your digits when you are washing. Keep scrubbing for around 15 seconds and make use of paper rolls to dry your hand. After you have given the medicine or meal to the infected person, washing the hands is a must to avoid getting the infection.

Getting vaccinated

It is extremely important that you get yourself vaccinated to prevent the deadly virus from entering your system. If you see that the rashes have already started appearing on your body, the vaccine might not work anymore. In this case, experienced doctors will conduct the ELISA test on your body to detect the virus. If you are scared about the test being conducted, there is nothing to worry as you can get information about the test from mybiosource. From this website, you will gain a proper understanding of the ELISA test.

Disinfect the high touch areas

The high touch areas normally include the phones, doorknobs, curtains, bed sheets, brackets, mirrors, handkerchief, and much more. You should disinfect them by making use of detergents for the curtains, handkerchiefs, and bed sheets, and use phenol and chlorine for disinfecting the doorknob, mirrors, or bracket. Avoid touching the phone of the patient and even if you do, ensure that you are washing your hands after that.

Ask the infected person to cover his mouth

You should ask the patient to cover the mouth whenever someone from the family enters the room. A clean and hygienic cloth should be used to prevent the transmission of the virus to the other members.


Keep in mind that staying safe even when someone else is infected is always in your hands. Keep the above tips in mind and follow the advice of the doctor to stay protected from the clutches of the varicella virus.

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