Daniel Craig Workout vs. Chris Pratt Workout – Which is Better?

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Today we’re going to be discussing celebrity workouts, and we will focus on two celebrities who have very well known physiques. The first celebrity workout we’ll be discussing is the Daniel Craig workout.

Daniel Craig is known for his portrayal of James Bond in the recent films from Casino Royale (2006) to Spectre (2015), and is often described as having a lean, dense physique. Chris Pratt on the other hand, also has a celebrity workout, which many people like.

Chris Pratt is known for his portrayal of Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and is known for his big, buff physique. Many guys want to have a physique like this, so in this article, we will be discussing the Chris Pratt vs. Daniel Craig workout, and which one is best for you.

Daniel Craig Workout

The first thing I like about the Daniel Craig workout is the simplicity. According to the linked article:

In my opinion, Daniel Craig likely works out 3 days a week—this allows him to focus on building strength and lean, dense muscle, but it doesn’t make him look like too much of a bodybuilder.

In other words, it’s a very natural looking physique, that’s also functional and strong. For the Daniel Craig workout, we’re going to have two days: Day A and Day B, similar to Starting Strength. You rest one day in between each of these, and alternate them each week.

Day A

-Incline Bench: 3×8

-Squat 3×8

-Power Clean 3×8

-Weighted Chin Ups 2×10

Day B

Overhead Press 3×8

Barbell Row 3×8

Deadlift 3×8

Weighted Dips 2×10

The incline bench works your pecs, with an emphasis on your upper pecs and shoulders, giving you that nice, natural-looking V-Taper. The squats aren’t too frequent to give you bulky legs, but just enough for toning.

The power cleans will work your whole body, and give you explosive power, and the weighted chin ups are a great auxiliary exercise for your biceps, and work your back, too. Then, on Day B, the overhead press will help develop a wide back and shoulders.

The barbell row will increase the muscular density of your back, the deadlift will work your entire body, with an emphasis on your legs and lower back, and the weighted dips are a great auxiliary exercise for your triceps and lower pecs.

Notice how you never do less than 8 reps or more than 10 reps, too. This is crucial.

Less than 8 reps is more focused on strength, which is important, but won’t give you size—more than 10 reps is focused almost entirely on hypertrophy, which will give you size, but not strength.

This is why the Daniel Craig workout that I’ve designed is right between 8 and 10 reps. This will build strong, but also dense muscle; a good balance between power and size.

If you want to get Daniel Craig’s physique, it is recommended that you work out 3 days per week, using this routine. It focuses on a lot of full body exercises, which is exactly what you want for the Daniel Craig workout.

This will build lean, dense muscle, and it will do it very rapidly. The Daniel Craig physique isn’t as big and doesn’t have as much mass as the Chris Pratt workout will develop for you, but overall, it’s much leaner and denser.

Daniel Craig Diet

For the Daniel Craig diet, you’ll probably want to cut down on those martinis (shaken, not stirred), because alcohol is very bad for muscle gain. You want to focus more on eating foods such as the following:

  • Complex Carbohydrates (Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes)
  • Lean Proteins (Chicken, Turkey, Lean Ham)
  • Healthy Fats (Olive Oil, Almond Butter, Coconut)

When you combine the Daniel Craig workout with a healthy diet such as this, you’ll have his physique in very little time. So, now that you understand the Daniel Craig workout and diet plan, let’s talk a little bit about Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt Workout

The Chris Pratt workout probably has a lot more volume than the Daniel Craig workout. This is what’s responsible for giving him that big, buff look, which a lot of mass in his arms and body.

For the Chris Pratt workout, there will be two alternating days, similar to the previous one:

Day A

-Barbell Squat 3×8

-Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 3×12

-EZ-Bar Curl 3×12

-Lateral Raise 3×15

Day B

-Deadlift 3×8

-Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3×12

-Dumbbell Row 3×12

-Push Ups 2×30

The barbell squats are a great overall exercise which will tone your entire body and build full body strength. Combine this with everything else, and we’ve got a perfect workout routine to get you the Chris Pratt physique in no time.

The EZ-Bar curl and flat dumbbell bench press will workout your biceps and triceps respectively, while the dumbbell rows and dumbbell shoulder presses will get you that nice wide back and V-Taper that the ladies love.

Chris Pratt Diet

As for the Chris Pratt diet, I recommend you eat a lot more carbohydrates than for the Daniel Craig Diet. Under Daniel Craig’s workout, there wasn’t as much volume, which means most of the muscular recovery is going to be electrical and with your nervous system, rather than with the muscle fibers.

With the Chris Pratt workout however, there’s a lot more volume, meaning you’ll need to eat a lot more carbohydrates. As always, stick to the healthy sources of nutrition, such as healthy carbs, good proteins, and healthy fats.

Just err on the side of more carbohydrates, especially after your workouts. When you finish working out, you’re going to need a lot of carbohydrates to begin the recovery process, so it’s important you have at least 50-100g of carbohydrates post workout.

Summary: Which is Better?

In summary, there isn’t a better celebrity workout, because it depends entirely on what you want. If you want a lean dense physique, then consider going for the Daniel Craig workout.

It’s got a lot of strength gains and low volume, that will build that nice dense physique you might be looking for. If you want more mass however, go for the Chris Pratt workout, because it’s guaranteed to give you just that.


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