How To Make Yourself Throw Up


Throwing up is not a good feeling infect no can think about it but sometimes throwing up can become necessary for us. Throwing up yourself is sounds really wearied and cliche but you need to do that, especially in case of food poisoning, indigestion or you eat something poisonous. That time throwing up yourself is a great way to make you feel better. If you’re not feeling well and want to throw up but can’t wait until it gets high. Then throw up itself can help you and make you feel better. If you are looking at how to make yourself throw up instantly and naturally without any side effects. Then you are the right place because today, I will share some important and easy ways of throwing up yourself easily.

Here Are The Natural Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Easily

1. Throwing Yourself With Finger

This is the easiest way to throwing up naturally. Pushing your finger down to the throat will induce vomiting because when a finger comes to the back of the tongue our body causes a gag reflex. That promotes you to the vomiting then you can easily throw.

2. How To Make Yourself Throw Up With Toothbrush

If you don’t want to use your finger, then just go with a toothbrush. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book and everyone knows it. Take your brush and rub your toothbrush giants the back of tongues, it will help you to throw up easily.

3. Baking Soda

Using baking soda is one of the great remedies for throwing up yourself easily. Because consuming bicarbonate can cause nausea and induce vomiting. Consuming bicarbonate can cause nausea in most people and make them throw up easily. Pour water in a glass and add a bit of baking soda on it then mix it gently. Drink all baking soda water straight in one go, it will induce you for vomiting. But don’t consume it dry.

4. Drink Coca-Cola

Drinking coca-cola is usually making your upset stomach healthy, but when it runs out of gas it effects totally different. Because carbonated soft drinks like coca-cola can create the fizz effect in your stomach, which can help to make yourself throw up easily. Coca-Cola is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to induce yourself for vomiting.

Drinking coca-cola that runs off from the bubbles can make you sick if you want to vomit then drink water as much as you can, it helps to trigger your vomiting. Pick high- sugar variants of cola as they are more beneficial for the vomiting. Drinking these sugary solutions the body electrolyte balance is shaken up as result irritants or other substances in your stomach get flushed out.

5. How To Make Yourself Throw Up With Egg Whites

How To Make Yourself Throw Up With Egg Whites

We all are familiar with the taste smell of raw egg. The taste of egg is unpleasant when you do gargle with egg white as it causes you to quickly spit out and help you to throw up easily. It will also help the stomach for flushing out the toxins easily. Because the taste and smell of egg weight are unpleasant and induce you to vomit almost instantly.

For throwing up yourself beat 3 to 4 egg whites and gargles with it. It is a quick and safe way to induce vomiting. Be careful by using this remedy because it may lead you to serious stomach problems. If this remedy doesn’t work on you then rinse your mouth with water and clean your mouth.

6. How To Make Yourself Throw Up With Warm Salt Water

How To Make Yourself Throw Up With Warm Salt Water

Drinking warm salt water is one of the simplest and easiest ways of throwing up. This remedy is very useful in case you are eating poisoned food. Because the salt contains sodium which can help you to throw up instant. The high intake of sodium can disturb the electrolyte balance and irritates the stomach which often results in vomiting and throw up the excess fluid from your system.

If you are not able to vomit by using finger techniques than this remedy can help you to make yourself throw up. Warm water and mix one teaspoon salt then gently mix it. Drink this mixture and wait for a few minutes and it will induce vomiting easily.

7. Unpleasant Smell

Unpleasant Smell

Seeing or smelling unpleasant smell trigger your brain and causes nausea which may induce you to throw up. These ugly experiences make you brian act as you become sick, thus it leads you to vomit.

Things like, mutilated human bodies, watching something nasty or unpleasant, animal carcasses, garbage can induce your vomiting and make you throw up immediately. Before trying this trick prepare yourself to face such uncomfortable occurrences.

8. Bloodroot Herb

Bloodroot Herb

Bloodroot herb is a natural remedy that induces you to vomit easily. It is a medicinal herb that cures many diseases and it also is known to make people feel nauseous. Collect the powder of bloodroot herb and mix it with water and thoroughly mix them.

Then drink this mixture in one go it can trigger you’re nauseous and help you to throw up easily. Before taking the bloodroot herb take an expert opinion because it is a toxic element and should not take it more than once or twice.

9. Emetics


Emetics is a natural medicine that can trigger vomiting naturally. The best and one of the great examples of emetics is ipecac syrup that can easily make you throw up within a few minutes.

Take the water of glass and mix a recommended dose of ipecac solution in it and drink in one go. After some time it will induce you to vomit and flush out all the material from your stomach. This medicine may cause dizziness, light headlines, and shortness of breath so use them very cautiously.

10. Mustard Solution

Mustard Solution

Mustard contains some natural emetic properties that can help you to throw up. This home remedy to induce vomiting is being used since ancient because the taste of mustard solution is disgusting as well as odor, so one tablespoon is enough to make throw up.

Take a warm glass of water and add one tablespoon of a mustard solution and mix it gently. Drink this mixture and it will trigger vomiting within a few minutes. Do not use this remedy a regular habit because mustard contains high levels of sodium, which may damage your health in the long run.

How to make yourself throw up

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