Most Accurate Decibel Meter App For Android/iphone[2018].


Inside the ear, small hair cells carry electrical signals to the brain. These hair cells can be completely spoilt by passing loud noises at home, in the workplace, while enjoying our loved interest and as we go about living our lives. Excessive noise from activities like attending live concerts, working with shop tools, operating field cut, one-time occurrences like explosions and even things you might not expect like attending parades and watching fireworks shows can destroy these delicate hair cells. The result is hearing loss and even annoying tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

Using the mobile phone destroy our health. Modern technology comes to facilitate with measurement of the intensity or DB level of sounds around us. This application is built generally for measuring sound levels in environments where there are groups of children.

We found some good smartphone sound unit meter app that increases a red flag when users enter situations that reach noise levels high enough to contribute to hearing problems.

The Sound Meter app can set itself for your special device. The interface attributes a measure for displaying sound intensity levels as well as green, yellow and red indicators for safety. A potential rule is that because maximal decibel levels are constricted by some devices, you may not be able to measurement sounds over 90 dB. This app is a good secondary option for most uses but is not recommended if you need to measure very high noise levels. 

This extremely-charge, the free app turns your smartphone into a pre-calibrated, accurate and easily portable sound level meter. It has a modular activity scope from 30 to 130 dB.

Decibel is is a unit to measure the degree of a sound by comparing it with a given level on a power scale. Decibel knows as a DB. A decibel meter is a device or tool with a microphone used for sound measurement.

In this article, we will get to know about best smartphone decibel meter apps to measure noise levels. We can use these apps online or either install this application in our device like Android and iPhone.

The noise level measurement apps make easy to take health caring and that avoid the loud sound who’s is not suitable for our hearing.

There are some decibel measure apps which is available online for users to healthy hearing:


  • Decibel X: This available on Google Play and iTunes. This is one of the very few sound meters on the marketing. That have highly reliable,pre-calibrated, straight and easy to portable decibel app measurement. It got 4.5 rating by iTunes users and 3.5 rating by Google play. Android and iPhone both can use this app. That used to free of cost.
  • Sound meter Pro: This app is available on Google Play. It is an Android app which is providing 4.4 rating by this app’s users. Android’s microphone to measure the degree of sound pressure levels. This app used to free of cost.

  • dB Volume Meter: This is available on iPhone. It measures the audio volume. This app shows the near decibel level, or Sound Pressure Level (SPL), wherever you and your smartphone are located. This is a free app with a 4.6 rating from iTunes users.

  • Sound Meter: That is available on Google Play. It displays decibel values in different forms e.i. green, yellow and red indicators by measure the environmental sound for safety. This app is a good secondary option for fewest uses. This app rating is 4.7 with Google Play. But this app does recommend if we need to measure very high sound levels.
  • Too noisy pro:  This app available two sides iTunes and Google Play. This is available for Android and iPhone. This app has 4.0 rating by the iTunes users and 3.6 by Android users. Children can use this app because this is a fun app. It is a real approval to any person who needs to control the levels of the sound of a group of children. Teachers can use this app to keep watch on sound level in the classrooms and control the sound level of the classrooms. The user can set the sensibility of the app consequently. This app is a paid app.
  • NIOSH Sound Level Meter:- This app developed by the National Institute for Occupational safety and health. That is used for the IOS. This tool useful for anyone who’s working in a noisy environment. This app is exclusive for IOS.

Firstly use any of the sound controlling tools to measure height sound(noise) around you. Try to defend your ears and be healthy. If you think, your hearing had been already affected, try a visit to Hospital and check your ear and take the healthy advice from the ear specialized…



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