Skinny to Buff Transformation: The Starting Strength Routine

skinny to buff transformation

If you want to go from skinny to buff, then you need to read this article. A lot of guys jump into weird workout routines that don’t work very well, but in this article, I’m going to share with you all the secrets I learned from doing the starting strength routine, and going from skinny to buff.

The first thing you need to realize, is that most internet marketers are trying to sell you some bogus, BS course that is only going to leave you a little bit stronger, and a lot poorer. They’re going to take your money and scam you!

This is why it’s so important to get a good workout routine. If you simply believe everything that everyone says, you’re not going to make very much progress in the gym, and you’re going to waste a whole lot of money and a whole lot of time.

So with this in mind, let’s explore my skinny to buff transformation, and talk about how I used the Starting Strength routine to completely transform my physique and pack on dozens of pounds of lean, dense, solid muscle.

Skinny to Buff

The biggest secrets when it comes to going from skinny to buff, are actually open secrets, but nobody talks about them because it’s hard to make a profit from them. People want you to think you need some ridiculously expensive course, or some crazy expensive supplements and routine to build muscle… but this is actually not the truth.

5 Skinny to Buff Transformation Tips

The only things you need to do if you want to go from skinny to buff, are as follows:

  1. Eat A Lot of Food
  2. Get A Good Workout Routine (like Starting Strength)
  3. Boost Your Testosterone Levels
  4. Drink Lots of Protein Shakes
  5. Be Patient

You don’t even really need numbers 3 and 4, because if you just eat well, get a good workout routine, and be patient, you will be transforming your physique from skinny to buff in very little time.

That being said, it’s important to do all of these things, if you want to make the most progress possible, in a very fast manner.

Be Patient! Going From Skinny to Buff Takes Time.

Being patient is the biggest thing, again taken from my article on going from Skinny to Buff:

As much as it sucks to hear this, building muscle will take a lot of time. “B-b-but Jon, didn’t you gain 30 pounds of muscle in just 3 months?” someone might ask. Yes, I did—but that’s because I knew exactly what to do, which I outline in my eBook.

Will you be able to put on 30 pounds of muscle in 3 months? Maybe, if you know exactly what to do—but even so, it took me YEARS to learn how to build muscle properly. Despite all of the meathead stereotypes out there, lifting is actually a science, and so you have to treat it like on.

I was able to put on that much muscle in such a short period of time, because I knew EXACTLY how to boost my testosterone levels, EXACTLY how much to eat, EXACTLY what workout routine to do, EXACTLY how to do it, EXACTLY how much to sleep, and all of the other 10 million things you need to do properly if you want to get jacked.

So again, please be patient. This will take time! Transforming your physique is not something that will happen overnight. But, that being said, with a good workout routine, you will gain weight very quickly, and must faster than you ever thought possible.

Starting Strength

For most beginners, I recommend you follow the Starting Strength routine. It’s a very simple workout routine that is based around the biggest compound lifts, which means not only will it take very little time in the gym, but it will boost your testosterone FAST, and get you results.

The Starting Strength routine is based around the core 5 lifts, which are as follows:

  1. Squats
  2. Bench Press
  3. Overhead Press
  4. Deadlift
  5. Power Clean

Using these five simple compound lifts, you can expect to put on 15-30 pounds of muscle in just a short few months.

The Starting Strength Routine

The Starting Strength routine is very simple. You have days A and B, and you simply alternate them back and forth.

Day A consists of the following:

  • Squat 3×5
  • Overhead Press 3×5
  • Deadlift 1×5

Day B consists of these exercises:

  • Squat 3×5
  • Bench Press 3×5
  • Power Cleans 5×3

So in other words, you might do “Day A” on Monday, and then “Day B” on Wednesday, and then “Day A” again on Friday. Then, when you pick up the next week, you will start with “Day B” on Monday, since the last day you did was “Day A.”

Do you see how simple this is? Even an idiot could build muscle and go from skinny to buff with the starting strength routine!


In conclusion, using the Starting Strength routine is one of the fastest ways to transform your physique from skinny to buff. I personally saw this transformation in my own life, and am very proud of the hard work I put in.

Using this workout routine, you can expect to put on 15-30 pounds of muscle in just three months, but you must also master your diet. If you aren’t eating good food (and enough food at that), and if you aren’t sleeping enough, you won’t build muscle!

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