How to Use a Palm Nailer? [6 Easy Steps]

how to use a palm nailer


It’s tiring.

Hammering nails is super tiring. And if you got a job for nailing the whole floor, then you’re done for. Like who doesn’t hate swinging hammers all day long?

With time we got many solutions to this problem, such as nail gun, palm nailer, etc.

Here’s the thing-

Nail guns are not so portable and comfortable. So, you’ll need something that’ll fit in tight spaces while nailing. And in this situation, palm nailers come to the rescue.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to use a palm nailer. It’s okay even if you don’t know what a palm nailer is and have landed here by chance. Palm nailers are entirely new in the market.

So, here we’ll cover up some palm nailer details. But we’ll focus mainly on how to use it. Because at the end of the day, this only matters. So, let’s jump right into the details-

How to use a palm nailer?

Palm nailers don’t look anything like a nail gun. And that’s the beauty of this tool.

So, we’ve figured out that before going to the steps, we should know a bit about how it works and all.

Well, this tool pushes nails effortlessly without any edge by using energy or compressed air. All you need to do is push the tool. And we believe this is nothing compared to hammering.

Here’s what you need to do in a few easy steps.

1. Safety First

It’s better to take safety precautions with power tools. There are two things that you need to follow here.
Wear hand gloves and put earmuffs on. Palm nailers produce loud sounds. So, earmuffs are a must to prevent possible hearing loss. On the other hand, the gloves help you to keep the tool steady as it vibrates a lot.

2. Secure the Grip

If your unit comes with a hand strap, you need to use it.

Here’s an advice-

If you haven’t already gotten a palm nailer, you should buy the ones with hand straps.

This one tiny detail can improve the whole experience in so many ways. You’ll be more in control, and the process will take much less time.

3. Take Position

Your posture while holding the tool is super important. You can either sit or stand but make sure to keep the tool a bit away from your face.
As we’ve said earlier, you need to put some force for nailing.

For that reason, you mustn’t be in an uncomfortable or awkward position.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to hold it with enough grip.

Now that you are in position, it is time for the fun part.

4. Prepare the Machine

Powering up the tool is quite easy. Just look for the start switch.

If you have a cordless nailer, then pressing the switch will get the job done. However, you should remember to use good-quality batteries. Old or poor-quality batteries will degrade the performance.

It’s even possible for the tool to get damaged with old batteries.

If you have a corded version, just hook it to the air compressor, and you’ll be ready for the nailing.

5. Nail It

Keep your nails in your hand or somewhere near you. You have manually fit the nails to your tool because of its compact design. However, it’s a super easy thing to do.

Place the nail’s tip-head to the magnetic tip of your palm nailer. Once attached, it’s going to hold quite nicely.
Now here’s the best part. Position your tool wherever you need it. Push down the nailer, and it should drive down within less than a second.

6. Finish Off

Most of the time, a slight nail head gets left out. Just manually hammer it down, and you’ll be good to go.

However, many of you might want to leave the nail head outside purposely. It’s easier to hang stuff then.

To do that you have to gather up skills first.

The trick is to remove the nailer just before it shoves the nail down. However, keep in mind that you have to be quick as the nailing takes only a second.

Once you’re done with all the nailing, put aside your nailer in a safe place. Practice it a few more times, and it’ll be a piece of cake for you in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1: What is a palm nailer used for?

Answer: Palm nailers are used for nailing in hard to reach spaces. Many use these tools in farming, fencing, decking, pole barn constructions, metal connector straps, etc. works. You can use these for any nailing job. But it’s more efficient to use full-on nail guns for a huge workload.

Question #2: How does a palm nail gun work?

Answer: The main working principle is the same as nail guns. Both tools use compressed air to push nails through objects. But palm nailers fit onto your palms. So, with a slight push, the nailer gets activated and uses air to push the nail through objects.

Question #3: How do you use a palm hammer?

Answer: Strap on the nailer. Reach to the target space after connecting the power. Place your palm with the strapped tool on to the target area. Use just the slight force on your palm. You’ll see the nail piercing through the object.

Question #4: What is the best palm nailer?

Answer: To be honest, there’s no best palm nailer. What is best for you might not be best for others. Keeping that in mind, we have figured out three palm nailers that address the needs of most people. So, our top picks are- PORTER-CABLE PN650 Kit Palm-Nailer, Powernail Palm001 Palm Nail Gun, BOSTITCH PN100K Kit Palm Nailer.

Final Thoughts

Now we believe you know how to use a palm nailer. Just make sure that you’ve followed the safety measures before jumping in with nails. It may feel a bit difficult on the first try, but you’ll eventually become a master nailer with this tool. So, good luck and happy nailing.

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