7 Career Options That Have Bright Future in Teaching Sector

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Teaching sector is going through a major growth period with more challenging yet high-paying job profiles coming up on the horizon. It is time to come out of the same old working patterns and embrace new job roles and opportunities. Explore 7 exciting career opportunities in the teaching sector.

Even though the teaching sector are not amongst the early adopters of digitalization, or upscale protocols, the industry still has gone through a number of changes in its structure and hiring system. Call it the effects of globalization, this sector has come up with job profiles, pay scales, and career prospects like never before. Well, just because the trends are not visible yet, does not mean they are not happening or on the horizon for that matter. The Global Teaching sector is going through a major transformation in terms of types of professionals hired, growth in median pay, variations in job roles, and equal opportunity for all genders. Isn’t that exciting? So, all you teachers out there who are bored of the same regular responsibilities, classroom trainings, and absolutely no digital trends to add that needed factor, here are some job roles that are shining bright in the developed countries. It will take some time to perpetuate the newness into developing countries but it is happening at the gradual pace.

You can check your local organizations for such job profiles, or ask your administration to start including these profiles in their list. 7 career options in teaching sector with bright career prospects in 2019 for you:

  1. Yoga Practices & Instructors

Everyone loves Yoga, even from a distance. You do not have to be a student to adore this beautiful art of youth and stamina. It is expected that by the year 2024, there will be more people holding mats than anything else. Every single economy, even the ones that are developing on many fronts, is expected to see a rise in the number of health vacationers, fitness enthusiasts, and Yoga junkies. Do you know what this means? The rise in number of these groups of people is going to directly affect the demand of fitness professionals and Yoga teachers in the global employment market. Higher pay scales, bright prospects, and a stable working environment are some of the changes on the horizon. Become a Yoga teacher and take advantage of this ever-growing job market.

One Fact: As a Yoga instructor, it is important that you level up your skills. If you are a newbie, then go for 200 hours Yoga Teachers Training program. Gradually level up the skills.

  1. Life Coach

All you need in life is some daily dose of motivation and a positive push to your monotonous daily regime. No matter how much you listen to positive podcasts or read “rags to riches” stories, nothing beats the in-person counselling. Life Coach is someone who can motivate you with their words, offer you real-life advices, and help you or an organization reach their goals. As a Life Coach, you may choose to work with clients on personal level or go for coaching sessions in corporate houses, schools, colleges, or even hospitals. Some coaches also offer trainings online at first to allow a growth in their business and later take this to the next level by approaching (or sometimes approached by) big clients. How can you go about this wonderful job profile? You can choose to pursue any online training from a trusted source online or opt for legitimate credential centers like International Coach Federation.

One Fact: Aim for high-paying profile like Coach Practitioners. US Labor Bureau Labor Statistics, reveals the annual pay of these professionals as $61,000.

  1. Yoga Therapist

The Yoga industry is one big pool of exciting opportunities and lucrative job roles. Not to forget, you get an attractive cheque at the end of the month. Does this sound like a dream? People choose to stay in the state of sad denial that Yoga cannot pay the better and with time, bury their skills under the soil. According to statistics, Yoga Therapist is notch higher in terms of pay scale, job responsibilities, and career prospects. These therapists have their basic skills, such as a certificate from accredited Yoga teacher training programs and a few years of experience, in line with the global demand. The responsibilities extend to reaching out rehabilitation centers, organizations, and corporate houses in order to help people with their physical and mental pain. Moreover, Yoga Therapists preach meditation to their clients to help them with work/life balance concerns, their fears, and conjured up emotions.

One Fact: Median Pay for these Therapists may go up to $48,000

  1. Instructional Coordinators

Does managing a school and college curriculums excite you? Are you good at collaborating? It is time to satiate the desire to do something different in your career. Instructional Coordinators are perfect administrators, teachers, managers, and just about anything along the same lines. Quite like a Batman, right? An Instructional Coordinator helps the management in designing the curriculum, time-tables, and oversees teaching standards. They collaborate with school management or college dean or board of directors for successful implementation. These professionals may choose to work in elementary schools, professional colleges, training centers or education support services. It is estimated that the employment of these coordinators is expected to rise by 11% by 2026.

One Fact: The typical entry-level education required is Masters Degree in related fields.

  1. Teacher Assistants

Gone are the days when teaching was about taking classes, tests and working as part-time examination invigilators. Nowadays, globalization, dynamic employment market, and fierce emerging skills sets have together changed this professional into something extremely lucrative. So, this clearly means, teachers have a lot of other responsibilities and managing the all alone can be a challenging task. Enter Teacher Assistants. These professionals work in collaboration with senior teachers or main-subject teachers and offer special attention to a group of students. Connecting with every single child can be demanding and this is why schools and colleges hire assistants for major tasks.You can search for similar jobs in schools, childcare, and even religious organizations. You do not need to have any special degree or years of experience to be a Teacher Assistant. All you need is a compassionate aura.

One Fact: The number of Jobs for Teacher Assistants is expected to increase by 8% by 2026.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US

  1. Librarians

Remember your school or college days, when library was your favorite place to gain knowledge, update your skills, or just disconnect from the noise around? And who was there to help you get through your academic troubles there? Librarians deserve their share of admiration and respect in their work environment. Not that they do not get it but there is always a scope for more of everything. The job profile and prospects depend largely upon the organization you choose to work for- private or public undertaking. Whatever the choice may be, this particular job profile requires candidates with utmost patience, an undying love for books, discipline and definitely a master’s degree.Librarians involve themselves into helping students in conducting their doctorate researches, experiments and much more.

One Fact: Median Pay recorded for Librarians may go up to $30 per hour

  1. Archivists and Curators

Every field or industry has that one job profile that represents the new-age ideologies, millennial interests, and a rise of unusual job profiles that are equally rewarding. Archivists and Curators are some of the profiles that invite people with deep interests in history, traditions and dated cultural events associated with a country. Here is what these professionals do:

  • Archivist’s process and catalog permanent records and documents pertinent to history.
  • Curators take care of the collection of artwork and historic valuables. They may conduct public service tasks for colleges and schools.

The number of jobs for these creative professionals is expecting to see a growth of 13% by 2026.

One Fact: Individuals adept in the preservation of history and culture on the horizon have a bright future. Students of humanities, and graduates in similar subjects may take note.

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