10 Obvious Signs That Your Spouse is Cheating


Cheating is one of the crucial problems experienced by couples. Whether those who are still in the dating stage or those who are married and have children also have the possibility to cheat. There are many reasons people cheat. It can be from lack of attention, no more passion, boredom, wanting to find challenges, and so on. Whatever the reason, cheating is not justified because it is a sign that we have lied and automatically disappoint our partner. But how do you know your partner or boyfriend is cheating behind us? There are several signs that are shown when someone is cheating. Here are the signs.

1. Accusing Spouse of Cheating

There is one way to avoid when mistakes are pointed out, the way is to show the mistakes of others first. Whether the mistake really exists or not, the important thing is to throw the hot ball at someone else first so that we are safe. This method is usually done by those who are caught cheating.

Instead of admitting the mistake of having cheated on them, people choose to accuse their partner who has cheated on their backs. Apart from avoiding mistakes, this can be an opportunity to fight with your partner and break up. If you have broken up, you can have more flexibility in turning to other people who are more attractive.

2. Lying

When someone starts to lie a lot, there is something they want to cover up. Especially if you have lied once, you will lie again to cover up the previous lie. So, don’t believe it when someone says that he only lied once and took an oath.

As a couple, of course we can see the strange signs shown by the couple. Honest or lying people can be seen from their body language and the way they explain things. People who lie tend to give convoluted explanations and can sometimes change their answers when asked again. Plus, people who lie usually don’t dare to look directly at the other person.

3. Moody

As a woman, it is certainly natural to be moody, especially when you are menstruating. But what if the partner is moody all the time? Before considering the natural changes in the partner’s mood suddenly and often, try to investigate what causes the partner’s mood changes. As a partner should discuss problems openly.

Sudden and frequent mood changes can be a sign that your partner is playing back or cheating. Especially if every time you are asked the cause of your bad mood, you always avoid or even get even more angry. Unless you guys are dating people, who have mood swings easily, that’s a different story.

4. Sudden attention

Have you ever had a sudden attention? Bringing food to the house / office, giving a surprise in the form of a gift, or taking a trip to a romantic place can be some examples of surprises given by couples. This special attention can be a double-edged knife. On the one hand it can be good because it shows that the person he cares about, but on the other hand it can be a sign that he is doing something wrong.

The person who suddenly changes from the usual to the attention and gives lots of gifts, usually it’s because he was doing something wrong. Cheating is one example. Because they realize that cheating is wrong, to get rid of the guilt, people will give attention, surprise, or gift to their partner as compensation. Although not necessarily will admit to having cheated.

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5. Her Friend Starts Acting Strange

Everyone must have a friend. Even if the person claims to be an introvert, he certainly has friends even though the number is only a few. A good partner will certainly introduce a boyfriend to his friends. The goal is to avoid misunderstandings when walking with friends and to expand the circle of friends.

Not infrequently, every time you get together with your boyfriend, your friends will also invite you to make the atmosphere more exciting and busier. Don’t be too indifferent, try to see if any of his friends start acting strange than usual or not. Start whispering and talking about something behind you. Usually friends will know that their friend is cheating on their boyfriend or not. You can try to dig deeper information about your boyfriend through his friend who is acting strange.

6. Less estimation

It’s okay to put suspicion on your partner. If you really feel bad, you can try to investigate whether there are hidden or not. Do not just make accusations if there is no clear evidence so that conflicts do not occur. Especially if you suspect that your partner is cheating or not. It takes time and effort to figure out whether a partner is cheating.

Signs of a cheating partner can be seen from reduced intimacy. Every time you spend “our time” with your partner, the intimacy that usually appears slowly starts to diminish or even completely disappears. The first solution is to try to talk to your partner about what happened. But if the explanation you get from your partner is lacking, try to listen to what your feelings say. If there are considered odd, you can look for information related to cheating or not from someone else’s partner.

7. Often Cancel Appointments

Who says that only men must keep their promises? Everyone, be it a man or a woman, once made a promise, it should be kept. Because of this promise, it determines whether people can be trusted or not. The more often people cancel their promises, the harder it is to believe their words and actions.

Is your boyfriend one of those people who often break his promises? Whether it is frequent or infrequent, when appointments are canceled, as boyfriends we will have a little bit of resentment. The more often you cancel appointments, the more frustrated he becomes. If your boyfriend starts canceling appointments more often, especially when it is meeting appointments, maybe he has an affair that he prioritizes.

8. Less Communication

Communication is important in building relationships. Not only in relationships with friends, business partners, but also in relationships. Why be in a relationship if there is no conversation going on. How do we know what the partner wants, serious or not, or how to plan for the future?

Assuming you have been dating for a long time then slowly communication starts to feel less. Even though every time he met him, he always held his cellphone. But every time you call, there is always a reason to be late or not even reply. If it only happens infrequently, maybe it could be because your partner is doing “me time”. But if communication diminishes over a long period of time, you may be suspicious.

9. Appearance Changed Drastically

A person is judged by how he looks. When meeting new people, it’s important to keep up appearances. The goal is to create a good first impression. If the first impression is good, then it is likely to continue the relationship. When you try to approach the opposite sex, you will try to show your best appearance right?

When it is officially done, usually the way you look will return to the way you were before. It’s officially dating, let alone keep up appearances. That’s the reason. Then when there is nothing then the partner changes the way he looks, this raises questions. What was he doing this for? Who does he want to impress?

10. Protective Against His/Her Cellphone

Times are sophisticated, everything can be done with a cellphone. This makes it very difficult for people to get out of their cellphones. Even those who used to be more afraid of leaving their wallet when leaving the house, are now even more afraid of leaving their cellphones. But not everyone is so tied to their cellphones. There are also those who are indifferent.

You certainly know what kind of character your boyfriend is. Are they including those who are ignorant or tied to their cellphones? When someone is suspected of cheating, they will start to be more careful with their cellphones. Mobile is authentic evidence if there is an affair. That’s why people who cheat will be more protective of their cellphones. It could be that the cellphone will be reluctant to be lent to its partner for fear of having the chat with the affair exposed.

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