4 Ways to Become More Masculine

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Every man wants to be more masculine—there’s so many benefits. From having more women attracted to you, to having other men respect you more, learning to be a masculine man is absolutely critical.

But, how do we do these things? Well, if you’re trying to become one of the most masculine men out there, you need to follow these tips like they’re your holy bible. When you follow these tips to become more masculine, your life will become 10x better.

So, with this in mind, here is how to become one of the masculine men.

1. Set Goals and Conquer Them

According to the principle of yin and yang, masculine energy sets goals and achieves them—this is how it works and operates. Masculine energy is very “toward focused” and only focuses on the thing it wants, and it generates state from within.

This is why you must always be setting goals and striving to achieve them. Without goals, a man loses his purpose… and without his purpose, a man loses his masculinity, and his sense of passion in life, and his will to continue living and growing and improving.

Take a moment right now to set some goals. I like to set some personal goals for the following time frames:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • 6-Month
  • Yearly

These are great time frames to set goals for. If you focus too much on long term goals, you won’t get anything done, because they’re not actionable when they’re so far away. But if you focus too much on short term goals, you don’t have any long term vision.

This is why I recommend you set down a list of tasks you want to accomplish each day, and in addition to this, have some monthly goals and 6-month goals you want to hit. When you do these things, you will notice your masculinity rises.

2. Learn How to Neg Girls (Negging)

Negging is one of the most important concepts in dating and relationships, because it shows that you are a high value, confident man, who is not needy or desperate. Negging is simple:

It is basically a backhanded compliment, that’s meant to take a girl’s ego down a notch.

That’s why I say you should only use them on EXTREMELY hot girls, who are VERY full of themselves.

Why? Because they get a million of these lame pickup lines per night:

  • “Wow you’re so beautiful.”
  • “You’re pretty, can I please buy you a drink?”
  • “I like your eyes, you could totally be a model.”

A hot girl at the club, is typically bored to death with these type of guys. That’s where you, the master pickup artist, come in.

The sole purpose of a neg is to show her that you’re not intimidated by her beauty. In fact, it’s just the opposite—you don’t mind teasing her about it.

This is why negging can be so powerful when used on a model… she’s not expecting it. So when you show her that you’re not afraid or intimidated, she immediately wonders: “Who is this guy?”

Once you can master negging, your life will literally 10x with women. Be warned though, negging is not meant to be mean! It is meant to be playful and fun, and a way of flirting with attractive women to improve your passionate love life.

3. Lift More Weights

As shallow as it sounds, nobody thinks of a scrawny, weak man as being “masculine.” We expect our men to be able to protect us, which is why we value strength in men (both physical and mental strength).

One of the best ways to cultivate these traits, is to simply lift more weights. When you lift weights, not only do you get a physically bigger body, but you develop the discipline that you need to succeed in life.

Working out absolutely made me a much more masculine man. Without it, I never would’ve had the courage to start my business and succeed so rapidly at life… but look at me now! I have a business, am successful, and have a very happy dating life. This is much due to working out more.

4. Eliminate Testosterone Sapping Foods

Lots of guys eat foods that destroy their testosterone, and they aren’t even aware of it! In fact, many common household items and foods have a ton of phytoestrogens, which slowly lower your testosterone and make you a less masculine man.

Here is a quick list of the worst foods to avoid:

  • Anything Soy Related (Tofu, Soy Beans, etc.)
  • Dairy Products
  • Mint (Tea, Gum, etc.)
  • Trans Fats (Processed Foods)

These four food items are the worst contenders, and if you avoid these like the plague, your testosterone will sky rocket. Be smart, learn to eat healthy, and you will become a much more masculine man in no time!

Summary (Negging & Masculine Men)

In conclusion, when you learn how to become a more masculine man, women will be more attracted to you. This will improve your happiness levels, and it will make you a much happier man overall.

You will also have other men respect you more, which leads to more job promotions, and a better social life altogether. Simply learning to get your masculinity handled is the best thing you can do for yourself!

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