Female Hypergamy: What It Is And Why It Matters

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There is a concept known as “female hypergamy” amongst the pickup artist community, but even evolutionary biologists have long been proponents for advocating its existence. In short, this article will touch upon numerous questions that many individuals have about female hypergamy.

We will be covering topics such as the following:

  • What is female hypergamy
  • Who female hypergamy is for
  • Why female hypergamy matters
  • How female hypergamy affects you

So without further ado, let’s start discussing the implications of this phenomena and how they relate to you.


What is Female Hypergamy?

In short, female hypergamy is a woman’s tendency to “date up” in the dating marketplace. In other words, women only want to marry and date men who have higher socioeconomic status than they do themselves.

According to Masculine Development’s article on female hypergamy:

Female hypergamy, put simply, is a woman’s tendency to marry the best possible man that she can find. This stems from the biological imperative for her to get pregnant with the best genes possible, seeing that pregnancy is a 9 month investment for her.

Men, because they can have numerous kids from numerous women, tend to be more naturally polygamous. This is why men have a more insatiable sexual appetite, and it’s why men are applauded when they have sex often, whereas women are slut-shamed.

Women are programmed to get pregnant with the best possible DNA that she can find. Despite this simple concept, it actually has brutally devastating consequences. It’s why women are so selective, it’s why they shit test you so much, and it’s why we’re so advanced as a species.

When you look at the genetic history of humankind, you’ll see that roughly 50% of men didn’t reproduce, whereas 100% of women did reproduce. What does this mean? It means that the top 10% of men get 90% of the women.

This is why many men who have low income jobs struggle finding women to date. It’s why most women are attracted to wealthy, successful men, and why most “lower tier” men in the bottom 10% of society have such a high level of disparity.


Leveraging Female Hypergamy

When looking at female hypergamy, it becomes very clear that evolutionary biology is onto something here. This is why men must learn to leverage their existing assets to maximize their biological potential.

One way that men can do this is through working out and lifting weights. While it may seem frivolous, increasing your physical appearance will do wonders to enhance your edge in terms of female hypergamy.

Another way to leverage female hypergamy is to start making more money. While it may seem over simplified, making money is actually not that hard. You simply set goals, improve your skill set, and keep your opportunities open.

The most important thing is to not be her beta orbiter. In other words, if she shows no interest in you, then you must not continue to pursue her. Be persistent, but do not put up with her disrespecting you or being toxic in your life.


The Dreaded Shit Test

One way that women test to see if a man is “high status” enough for her, is through the shit test. This is why men often complain that women test men, but the truth is that they need to in order to satisfy their hypergamy.

Take again, another article written by Masculine Development on how to pass a shit test:

A lot of guys may get angry when they first realize that women test men. “What bitches,” the newbie may spout—or, “That’s so mean.” Or even worse, sometimes they can’t even accept it.

Don’t get mad. The reason that women test men is because they have to; this is how they figure out if you’re actually confident or not.

In other words, when a woman shit tests you, she’s screening to see if you’re going to be a frightened little baby and take it personally, or if you’re not even going to be emotionally affected by it.

Women test men, because they’re attracted to personality characteristics far more than your physical appearance. Sure, being jacked and having a six pack still helps (which is why I’m currently on SARMs, which are like legal steroids). But when it really comes down to it, women care a lot more about your frame.

To pass a shit test is quite simple. You just amplify the frame, or you re-frame it. In other words, do not be emotionally perturbed or upset over the shit test, and just be yourself and let it be.

Agree with her to the point of absurdity, or just re-frame it in a more positive light. These are the best ways to pass a shit test, and thus prove you are high status, which will naturally attract her due to female hypergamy.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it matters that you know about female hypergamy. Most men don’t understand that women prefer to date up, and so they struggle with finding their soulmate for far too long.

If you on the other hand, understand that women prefer to date up (as according to hypergamy), then you will understand women far more easily, and it will aid you in becoming the best version of yourself.

To leverage female hypergamy, constantly strive for self-improvement and self-actualization. Set new goals each year, become the best version that you can become, and you will be dating your dream girl in no time.

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