5 Best Ways to Make Money From Your WordPress Blog

How to make money from blog

Many people think that starting a blog or making money from a blog is a very difficult chore. However, those people who want to earn huge money. Blogging is the best platform for them. This is the place, where you can gain with less investment except your time and dedication.

Here we are trying to help you to understand the ways to earn money through blogging. Your right selection for the blog theme, relevant articles, and your passion and dedication can help to run a successful blog. If you have good skill to play with words then pour correct information to your content. It makes your content genuine, informative and high quality.

Let’s check the ways to make money from a blog.

Best Ways to Make Money From Blog

1. Google Adsense

google adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular advertising company in the world. It is so popular among the bloggers because of the money getting from Adsense Ads. Every blogger can turn to an entrepreneur by using Google Adsense. But, They have a policy for selecting the blogs for Adsense publishers. Read their policy details here. Approving for Adsense is very easy. But, Getting the approval to Adsense is a very difficult job. You want an awesome and perfect to get Adsense approval. Minimum requirements for your blog for getting Adsense approval is shown below :

– 50 + Unique blog posts (Minimum 400 Words)
– 300+ Daily visitors- At least 6 months old for your blog
– Your Blog language must be in English.
– Don’t use pornographic content and the content related to Hacking.
– Create an About, Contact and a Privacy Policy page.

2. Try Other Advertising platforms

Many newbie bloggers face the problem of getting approval from Google Adsense. But, there are many other advertising platforms from where you can earn some decent revenue like Google Adsense. Based on their CTR rate and payout method, you can select any of these advertising networks to monetize your blog. Here is a list of some high paying Adsense alternatives.

  • Media.net
  • Infolinks
  • Revenue hits
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adversal

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another best way to earn large money.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

This is a system which pays you if you help sell the products of another company. So, you will get money for referring the product to your friend or you can put their Ad Banners on your Blog. You will get a commission for every sale through your blog.

Some companies offer Affiliate Marketing
1. Domain/ Hosting – Godaddy, Bigrock
2. Web Hosting – Hostgator, Blue Host
3. Products – Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart
4. Advertising – Chitika

4. Sponsored Reviews

You can write a review for someone’s product or services and you can get money for this review. These reviews are called ‘Sponsored Reviews’. There are so many websites that working as a 3rd party between you and the product manufacturer. You can register on these websites. If, they approved your blog. You will get opportunities to write a review about various products and services.

5. Sell Your Own Product or Service

Being the owner of your own blog you can easily promote your own product with the particular and correct information. It also plays a vital role to lead to the success and make you able to earn a huge from your blog. Many bloggers generate income by offering their own products or services to their readers. You can sell eBooks, courses, images, video, music, or software on your blog to earn money from it.

Selling digital products is not necessarily the easiest way of making money, but it can generate a significant income over time. While selling services, you need to keep in mind that your product is of the necessary quality to be able to sell through your blog or website.


These were the ways to make money from a blog. Among all of them, the affiliate marketing can be the best way to make money from your website if it has done in the correct way.

If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask in the comment section below.



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