6 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling On Amazon

6 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling On Amazon
6 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling On Amazon


In this article i will talk about 6 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling On Amazon. Amazon offers a great opportunity to sellers to showcase their products to millions of customers and increase their sales. But, some of the sellers selling on Amazon are unable to improve the visibility of their products, convert leads into customers and generate more sales. Why is that? What is hurting sales of some of the sellers selling their products on Amazon? It is to be noted that when selling their products on Amazon majority of the unhappy sellers make following 6 mistakes that kill their sales.

  1. Miss product’s benefits for buyers in the product listing

Buyers always have the following particular questions in mind when they look at/ go through different products to purchase the one that best meets their requirements.

What is in it for me? Why must I buy it?

What benefits will this product offer me?

How is this product better than those offered by others sellers?

Products that satisfy the above-mentioned questions of buyers convert visitors into customers. Unfortunately, many sellers selling their products on Amazon forget to include answers to above-mentioned questions in their product listing. As a result, buyers leave their product’s page and move on to similar product offered by some other seller on Amazon.

  1. Do grammatical mistakes in product’s content

A well-written, convincing and engaging product content that is free from any grammatical or spelling mistake has the power to attract and motivate buyers to buy a product. Many sellers selling on Amazon often overlook grammatical and spelling mistakes when writing content for their product. They don’t know that poorly written and edited product’s content on Amazon lets buyers feel that sellers are not serious about his/her business.

  1. Use of poor quality images

As customers cannot touch or feel the product in online shopping, therefore they make their purchasing decision on the basis of images uploaded and product details presented by the seller.  Some of the sellers do not realise the importance of high-quality product pictures for the online shopping experience and add blurred/ low-quality product pictures to the product listing. Instead of impressing buyers, these poor quality product pictures leave a bad impression on them. Buyers think that the quality of the product will be as low as the product’s images.

  1. Write Misleading & incomplete product description

It is to be noted that complete and accurate product description increases the visibility of a product on Amazon. Complete product description gives buyer’s clear idea about the product. It also lets them know whether the product is actually the one they were looking for or not. But, many sellers selling their product on Amazon add misleading and incomplete product description in the product listing. Misleading and incomplete product description affects the visibility of product on Amazon and also discourages potential buyers, which ultimately hurt sales.

  1. Do Overselling

Sometimes, people order an item from Amazon, and later on, they get to know that they cannot buy the product because it is out of stock. Overselling leaves negative impression on buyers about the seller and they hesitate to buy products from the same seller again. Not only this, Amazon penalises sellers that do oversell on Amazon.

  1. Not motivating customers to give feedback

Customer review/ feedback is quite helpful for improving products quality and customer service. In online shopping, customers like to read reviews about a product before buying it. Positive reviews increase the credibility of sellers and also drive sales. More positive reviews a product has on Amazon, more it will be bought by buyers. Some sellers on Amazon who are afraid of negative reviews do not motivate customers to give feedback about their product. Such sellers face fewer sales because shoppers hesitate to buy their products due to no reviews.


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