Don’ts Of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Don’ts Of Amazon Product Listing Optimization
Don’ts Of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

The Purpose of Amazon product listing optimization is to improve the ranking of a product in Amazon search results so that buyers can found it. The products that rank higher in Amazon search results sell more. In short, optimizing Amazon product listings helps boost sales. It is to be noted that you can only improve your product’s ranking on Amazon and win sales if you avoid specific mistakes when optimizing your product listings. If you want to successfully optimize your product listings on Amazon then you should not do following things when optimizing your product listings on Amazon.

Using same or similar keywords again & again to Improve Ranking

In Google, optimization keyword density plays an important role. Contrary to this, Amazon optimization is not based on keyword density. Overuse of same or similar keywords is considered as spamming by Amazon. Listings that overuse same or similar keywords can be penalised by Amazon. It is therefore recommended by Amazon product listing optimization experts that when creating content for your product listings always avoid keyword stuffing.

Using punctuation to separate keywords

Amazon emphasises on separating keywords with single space especially when creating product title. But instead of this, many sellers on Amazon separate keywords with commas, semicolons and dashes. It is to be noted that when you use punctuation to separate keywords you limit the number of keywords your product can rank for. Therefore, you should always use single space instead of punctuation to separate keywords.

Using temporary sale terms

Many Amazon sellers use temporary sale terms such as on sale, new and limited time offer in their product listings to attract buyers. But this is against Amazon’s policy.  Amazon asks sellers to announce their flash sale or any change in their product’s status through “today’s deal feature” on Amazon website. You should never directly use temporary sale terms in your product listings.

Giving inaccurate information

Giving inaccurate information is another Amazon product listing optimization mistake. In order to attract buyers, some Amazon sellers add inaccurate and misleading information in their product listings. It is to be noted that false information can lead to customer dissatisfaction, and negative customer ratings and reviews. If you want your Amazon listing optimization efforts to become successful, always provide accurate information in your product listings.

 Using competitor’s name or products’ name in product listings

It is to be noted that some Amazon sellers use competitor’s name or its products’ name as the keyword in their product listings to drive traffic to their product’s page. Amazon considers this as keyword bombing and penalises the seller for misleading the buyers.



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