Online Shopping VS Traditional or In-Store Shopping

online shopping

Online Shopping VS Traditional or In-Store Shopping

online shopping

The fast pace with which the ecommerce world is growing, one can safely assume the extinction of brick and mortar stores but that is not the case; there place has not been completely removed from the preferences of the shoppers, but has definitely changed over the years. Though ecommerce is growing faster than any other retail sector, physical stores are holding their ground. Their position in the shopping trend may have shifted but not removed, definitely.

There are differences between the two that are observed by the consumers and sellers as well. The business runners see the buyer’s perspective when it comes to the two shopping areas; that are online shopping and in-store shopping and work out a strategy that helps run both- the online store & their physical store effectively, in a way that it facilitates the consumers by fulfilling their needs and requirements.

In-Store Shopping (The Good Side)

Up-Close and Personal: You can feel the product and try it on; and what better product to talk about than jeans – Something that you just cannot buy until you try. The fitting of jeans need to be just right and online stores obviously do not provide you that ability. Hence buying those online is a risk that is smartly avoided by the consumers. Unless off-course they are buying after trying it in-store because it is being sold at a discount, online.

Human Interaction: If you have a query regarding any product or the services like return policies, exchange policies etc., you will immediately be guided by a customer service representative. Online store also helps their customers but it is only through electronic media, which is not that re-assuring. But in-person aid definitely allows customers to place their trust not only in the product but also in the brand itself.

Immediate purchase of the product: You buy the product immediately and go home with it, easy as that.

In-Store Shopping (The Bad Side)

Travelling Torture: The title is pretty apt since you have to burn your expensive petrol and potentially be stuck in traffic.

Over Spending: There are high chances that you will get sucked in by all the other stores and you might just end up buying a lot.

Out-of-Stock-Horror: So you travel all the way to the store, burn your fuel and calories only to find out that they do not have what you came to buy.

Online-Shopping (The Good Side)

Shopping by Comparison: Shopping has become a matter of minutes, not only that you can also do a comparison shopping by comparing prices of the product you are out for from six different stores.

No extra Expenses: You most definitely won’t waste money on filling up your stomach because roaming around for hours has tired you out. In fact, online shopping has allowed you to sit on your couch and shop while you munch on your left-over pizza.

Convenience: Shopping is no longer a physically draining activity; you can do that on your smart phones, tablets and your good old monitors.

Online Shopping (The Bad Side)

Overflowing Inbox: Now that they have your email address, they will be targeting you for all those shirts and jeans you browsed for a good discount, this could be a blessing or a curse depending on you.

Expensive Shipping: Shipping can be expensive, it is all great and convenient to have goods shipped right at your doorstep but it can be a big pain when it comes with a big receipt of shipping charges.

Wrong Product: When you have ordered a medium sized shirt but they send you an XXL, on top of that you waited at least a few days to a week for this to arrive, only completely wrong. And some stores have different policies, so you may have to go through an entire hassle of filling the return or exchange form and then ship it back to the store.


  1. I think online shopping is better than store shopping. Because in online shopping you have many choices to compare products brands and prices to another one. I love online shopping because I am a lazy person.

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