How to protect yourself from phishing scam?

Phishing Scam

Being scammed is one of the misfortunes that people and businesses experience every day. Phishing scams have been going on for a long time and even after a series of procedures on how to avoid it, most people still fall for it because of greed. Although, nowadays the presence of cybersecurity has turned things around with stable protection.


However, there are other effective methods and solutions for protecting yourself from phishing scam, such as:

Protect your computer with security softwares

By protecting your computer with the the latest cybersecurity softwares, you will have the ability of limiting unauthorized access from your devices. Nowadays, hackers use different methods such as phishing, phone scam, malware, etc in the attempt of accessing people’s private information. Regular updating if your device security softwares will act as a tall wall limiting people with bad intent from taking control of your device.


Install a reputable antivirus on your device to limit malware from gaining access to your device. If possible activate the automatic scanning of viruses as it will be effective improving the security of your device.

Use multi-factor authentication to protect your account

Just as devices are secured with secret pins, patterns, or passwords to limit unauthorized access from your device. It’s also necessary to implement the use of multi-factor authentication in your online account for more security. The implementation of the multi-factor authentication on your account gives you the ability to access your account after bypassing a series of security protocols.

Backup your files

As weird as it may sound, backing up your files might come in handy when all hope is lost. In the case that a hacker gains access to your files with the use of malware, you might not have any other alternative than formatting your device storage leaving you with the backup files as your last resort. So, ensuring that you backup your important files whether offline or online is an effective cybersecurity protocol.

Update your browser

Updating your softwares such as browsers is crucial as these updates come with latest security patches that limits hackers from gaining control of your information. Browsers are what everyone globally uses in the access of information from different locations, making it an important tool. Even after updating your browsers with latest patches, it’s also important to use blocking software in getting rid of third party ads from infecting your device through your browser.


Hackers always use people’s information while looking for someone to dupe. Without keeping your mobile device secured, they will likely look for a one to convince you of sending them vital information they will use in the future to blackmail you.


As long as you stick to the procedure of updating your device with regular security patches while backing up your important data both offline or online to a reputable cloud storage without opening unknown recipients emails or answering of calls with no IDs, you will be safe from hackers.

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