How to Uninstall the McAfee Internet Security by Using MCPR


McAfee Internet Security offers an amazing security of covering your systems from the different type of viruses, malware and online dangers threats of being made with the Internet.  It is a secure software that can provide the safety cover for the PC’s users and remove the computer crashes. With the Uninstalling process we can resolve it – it’s not too much difficult procedure, with the help of some simple steps, by using MCPR( McAfee consumer product removal)you can easily uninstall your McAfee internet security products we have mentioned some simple affirmed steps below to solve the uninstallation process by MCPR tool.

Uninstallation  Procedure of McAfee Internet Security Software by using MCPR

In this article, you find the solution for uninstallation process by using MCPR. You can resolve it by using these easy steps mentioned below.

1- Download the MCPR(McAfee Consumer Product Removal) product-;

To resolve your uninstallation issue, you need to use the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) product on your computer. Before the downloading process is care full about that you are downloading an updated version of MCPR tool. You can use this tool for a long time period so check the version or expiry date also.

1-Download the MCPR tool.

  • You can download it from McAfee official website.
  • Now save it in a temporary folder.

2- Run MCPR.

The McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool will delete McAfee software from your computer.

  1. Open the temporary file location.
  2. Double click on MCPR.
  3. Now your file will save the name of “MCPR.exe”.
  4. If a user Account Control dialogue box pops up
  5. Now click “Yes.”
  6. Follow the given screen instructions.
  7. Before you can run the tool, you have to confirm that are you sure to active MCPR tool, or that you are really a human and not a bot.
  8. Now, You enter CAPTCHA information as it shows on your screen
  9. Now, click “Next.

3- Restart your computer.

You will find a confirmation message that your uninstallation process is successfully done by using the MCPR.

  • After receiving this message, restart your computer.
  • The McAfee product will not be removed effectively until restarting the computer.
  • Now you have completed the uninstallation process by using MCPR tool.

Wait until, the computer is opening. If you are getting again any issue on your computer then connect with McAfee customer helpline number. They will tell you the solution for your error.

How to take support from McAfee technical service .

If you are using the McAfee products then you might require the support  for the items. then you can take assistance from McAfee customer service . So now you can easily take service from McAfee customer helpline number. They will provide you a support for a toll-free number or via chat. Now, you can use McAfee products without any breaks or issues. They will provide you a updated technical support for your products. You can call on McAfee helpline number to take experts service.

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