How to Fix Microsoft office Error 30175-4?


Microsoft is one of the best-integrated suites of business software applications for Windows and Mac computers. Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, Spreadsheet, Graphics, and Email communication programs that provide you every best feature to run your business office efficiently. One of the latest features of Microsoft Office is that it allows their users to attach a file that is stored in share point online or one drive and one drive for businesses and give permission to data without leaving outlook.

Sometimes when you are installing the office software on your computer system, there may be higher chances of errors. The “Error 30175-4” is one of the errors which might occur due to some registry corruption or network collaboration. Sometimes this “Error 30180-4” occurs because of some issues in your firewall, or proxy that prohibits users from installing Microsoft office 2016. This issue faces by the users who are installing one of the latest version of Microsoft offices 2016. The “Error 30175-4” occurs due to many causes some of the essential causes are mentioned below-

Causes Microsoft Office Error 30174-4
Some Proxy settings are enabled on your system.
A preliminary version of an Office Suite.
Some DNS related issues occur in your system.
An Incomplete, partial, failed repair, installation, change, removal of the Office Suite in your system.
The internet speed might be slow down.
Some antivirus security software or your firewall might be blocking the Office installation.
It might be possible that your previous office installation is corrupted.
How to fix Microsoft office Error 30175-4?
If some antivirus is already installed on your computer, then uninstall it because it might be possible that the “Error 30174-4” is occurred due to antivirus issue. We provide you the best procedure follow the whole procedure in the ascending order. Then, surely you will able to solve the “Error 30174-4”. Below the methods given-

Method-1 Disable Antivirus Software

As we already discussed, that the antivirus software installed on the computer may also affect your network connection while installing Microsoft office, some Error code 30175-4 occurs. It also makes the network connection to lag and make stream error and some socket connection issues. The disabling of the antivirus temporarily during the time of installation of Office program is also a recommended step if not fixed in offline installation.

Steps to Disable Antivirus–

Step-1 Open your “Antivirus Console.”
Step-2 Click on the “Settings” button
Step-3 Select the “Real-Time Protection” option.
Step-4 Click on the “Turn off” button of real-time protection and select the button until next “Reboot.”
Step-5 Then, trying to installing “Microsoft office again.”

After completed this procedure your Error 30175-4 automatically resolved. But still, you are facing any of the problems in determining the error then follow our next process.

Method-2 Disable Proxy from your System

The proxy setting of your system might be enabled so that your internet connection may also affect the installation of Microsoft office and shows the “Error code 30175-4” while installing office from the online setup. We recommended you to disabling the proxy settings temporarily to install Microsoft office without the error message.

Follow the steps to Disable Proxy settings-

Step-1 Press the “Windows Key and R Key” in your system.
Step-2 Type the word “inetcpl.cpl.”
Step-3 In the internet, properties click on the connection.
Step-4 Select the “LAN” settings.
Step-5 “Uncheck” the proxy settings from your system
Step-6 Click on the “Apply and OK” button.
Step-7 Then Trying to install “Microsoft Office” again.

Does the Error 30175-4 solve? If still some popup error message shows on your screen, then don’t need to worry you have a last and best option to connect with the Microsoft customer support. For instant queries call any time to the Microsoft customer support 24*7 always available to help you. For quick assistance dial toll-free number for Microsoft customer support.

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