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Orissa (Odisha) has a huge variety of tribes tours. In this state several district, province, where you can explore the tribal community. provide the services to explore, the mode of life, keeping their core culture intact, while at the other extreme there are communities which are indistinguishable from the general agricultural communities. You will see the temple & capital city of Bhubaneswar, enjoy the beach of Gopalpura, finally you will see the major tribes village of Odisha. When you terminate your journey, the capital city of India Delhi, explore the Mughal city Old Delhi and New Delhi, constructed by the British Raj.

As Odisha (Orissa) is known for tribes community and temples, the capital city “Bhubaneswar” is contain more than 500 temples. Some temple are not allowed for non Hindu as well. Lingaraja Temple or Lord Siva’s Temple is the biggest of all at Bhubaneswar is located within a spacious compound wall of literate measuring 520 feet by 465 feet. Parsurameswar temple is the best preserved specimen of an early Hindu temple datable to the Sailodbhava period of the seventh and eighth centuries AD. This temple again dedicated to Lord Shiva. You will visit the another major sites of Odisha state, as Puir, the city of Lord Krishna, Konarak, famous for Sun Temple, includisng these sites you will be have a glance of tribes at Jeypore and Rayadada.


Our best efforts will be try to understand your requirements, helping you choose the suitable trip and try to provide exactly what you are looking for. We make our itineraries carefully with a right balance between organized activities and free time and with the activities in right order. All our trips can thus be tailored to your needs. At TribesTourOrissa dot com we take you inside the daily life of India, showing you city life, villages, schools, temples and even the tribes life. – a leading cultural and adventure travel operator and its dedicated team has acquired long experience in tourism and hospitality specializing in Cultural tours, travel, Incentive movements, Trekking tours, Pilgrimage tours, Eco tours etc. We are equipped with the team of dedicated professionals and guides who can speak your language as well as supported by an excellent infrastructure and committed to offering a personalize service to make your stay a memorable and happy experience.

We strive to organize culturally rewarding and environmentally friendly trips that provide economic and social benefits to the local communities. We promote eating local food and stay at locally run guesthouses. We try to minimize the use of campfires by giving proper clothing advice to our clients and by providing adequate clothing and gear to our drivers and guides.

Also, we are doing social contributions to community/society, then our nation by building new schools, providing intelligent scholarships, supporting environment campaigns participating in planting and conserving forest, and caring/sharing for the welfare of our every valued employees and their families. We also try to involve our clients in the projects as much as we can.

This is the unique program for tribes lovers. We make it specially those who want to explore the core area of Odisha (Orissa) tribes’ circuit. Visit the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, the erotic style time of Konark and the beaches or Puri, with Jagatnath temple. Jagdahlpur, Kakaner, & Kawardha are the core area of tribes circuit of Orissa. The tribal people express their cultural identity and distinctiveness in their social organization, language, rituals and festivals and also in their dress, ornaments, art and craft.

Orrisa (Odisha) is a very exotic and a huge tribe living in India. The tribes living a very harsh physical environment. Some tribes as Bondas, Gadabas , Tribes come from the hills for the Thursday market in Onukunelli, south of Jeypore in western Orrisa. This is the part of Indian tribes belt. The Bonda or Bondu are an ancient tribe of people approximately five thousands who live in the isolated hill region of south west Orissa. The Bonda are a scheduled tribe in India and are also known as Remo. The tribe is the oldes and most primitive in mainland Indian and their culture hall little changed in over thousand year. These Tribal women wear thick silver necklace bands and long colorful necklaces made of beads. Orrisa (Odisha) have several weekend market and village where you can see the tribes in the local market.

eco-tourism has been the biggest selling point of Chhattisgarh. The neighbouring State, though hit by Maoism like in Odisha, is emerging as the new eco-tourism destination in India. “Maximum tourist traffic last year was for Sirpur-Kodar-Raipur-Tandula eco-tourism circuit, besides tribal and rural tourism.

Orissa, on the other hand, has been depending on the age-old Puri-Konark and Diamond Triangle circuits. Its eco-tourism sector comprising Similipal, Bhitarkanika, Tikarpada, Chilika, Chandaka-Damapara, Nandankanan, Debrigarh and Kuldiha lacks heavily on infrastructure.


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