Desert Safari Dubai – Explore The Dunes of Arabia

Desert Safari Dubai

Is Desert Safari among your travel planners? Explore how you can enjoy being in the captivating dunes of Dubai at a level best. From surfing the sand dunes to get fascinated by traditional falconry, being in the desert safari Dubai is a hell of fun. Whether you are visiting Desert Safari to heighten your adrenaline levels or to enjoy the campsite fun you’ve always heard about, the exotic dunes keep the perks of amusement for all.


Want to make the most out of your presence at the dunes of Arabia? Put your shades on and get ready to experience the most outlandish fun ever. Let’s begin exploring together how!

8 Best Ways to Explore the Exotic Arabian Sand Dunes

1.   Bashing in SUVs


Try out the popular sand sport that attracts thrill-seekers to desert safari Dubai. Sit back belted on the royal seats of a 4×4 SUV and enjoy the thrill. The crest and troughs of the dunes give the feels of a roller coaster ride of the highs and lows of dunes. Dune bashing is offered with almost every tour package depending upon your pick. The duration is as short as 15 minutes to a good 40 minutes.


Experience a spine-tingling ride in a 4WD when the driver sets a high pace over the shaky dunes of Arabia. In an evening desert safari, you can enjoy stopping by the dunes for a minute and taking photographs during the compelling sunset while dune bashing. However, this sand sport is loved in every background by the explorers.


2.   Navigating Over Camel’s Hump


Exploring the dunes without opting for a camel ride, is like leaving the fun in the middle of its apex. Riding a camel is a complementary part of discovering the mesmeric dunes of Arabia. After all, you have a chance to ride on the ship of the desert! A plus adds up by the fact that the SUVs ain’t allowed far enough but a camel is. So choose a hump and explore the dunes from a traveller’s eye. Boarding a camel is not a difficult thing, you’ll get a guide. Add a camel ride to your desert safari tour plan because it’s not an ordinary thing to experience there.


3.   Sand Boarding


Sandboarding is a famous sand sport at desert safari Dubai. The pleasure of sliding down the soft sandy slopes with wide opened arms is overwhelming. Try out this crazy sand activity to explore the occult of the inclined dunes of Arabia. The legit daredevils never miss hovering over a sandboard. A point to be noted is that it’s not dangerous at all as you end up cuddling in the sand even if you don’t know how to surf on a sandboard. However, you’ll get a guide from an expert. Explore how surfing the dunes is different from surfing the ice and ocean waves.


4.   Quad Biking

Navigate over the limitless sand sea by getting your hands on a quad bike. It’s a great way to explore high Arabian dunes with all the thrill and amazement atop. You can hire these insane SUVs, get a set of some instructions, put your helmet on, and drift in speed breaking the boundaries. Bouncing over the slopes of dunes among other riders attracts the tourists to this enthralling sand activity.


Riding a quad bike in far-spread reddening sand is riveting. You’ll be provided with protective gear to assure safety. Dune Buggy is another good option if you want a partner to drive a wide tired open-air vehicle. Both are a bit expensive but you can make it affordable by choosing a suitable desert safari Dubai deal offering quad bike or dune buggy.


5.   The Royal Land Rovers


The classic land rovers are the best sand surfing vehicles if you want to experience safari’s ancient vibe in a luxurious style. Explore the high dunes of safari by blessing your eyes with the best views possible in a roofless Land Rovers running in swift. You can spot and capture the marshy habitat of Arabian gazelles, oryx, antelopes, and foxes while enjoying the beautiful natural landscape in an open-air SUV. Exploit the fun two folds by exploring the enchanting dunes in a vintage style land rover.


6.   Supremely Pitched Camps



If you are not a risk-taker and are here among the dunes of safari to take a break from the bustling city life, this place has the catch. The campsite fun at desert safari is not new to people as they come back with lots of stories to tell and celebrate being amongst the dunes. Relax in the luxurious Bedouin camps and watch over the desert while chilling on your couch having refreshing soft drinks that are available free. A night in a camp is another memorable experience at desert safari as it allows you to gaze the milky way in the heart of the Arabian dunes. You can explore the mesmerizing beauty of the desert from a closer and unique perspective in an overnight desert safari.


7.   Sightseeing


Explore the dune by sightseeing in awe from your campsite. The speedy SUVs running here and there in the desert, the wildlife seems half-submerged in sand from a far vision, and the beautiful drowning sun in spreading colours of dusk everywhere, all this makes you gratifying upon your presence at this exotic conservation reserve of Dubai.

8.   Hot Air Ballooning


A magical ride in a hot air balloon is like the wildest dream. You can have awestruck glances at the far-spread dunes from a bird’s eye view. Change your perspective of seeing life after experiencing its signs at a height. Major meltdowns hit you upon observing the hopping gazelles and other rare fauna from a hot air balloon. Hot air ballooning is available in the morning desert safari so that you can see the lovely sunrise from above the sky. If you want to have an unforgettable view of the dunes, watch them in changing colours in the morning by boarding a hot air balloon.



The dunes of Dubai keep the power to attract travellers over and over again. A deserted place is just a barren land covered with sand for an ordinary man. But its presence in Dubai has made it a precious asset as the city took care of it and made it a perfect spot to create memories of a lifetime, staying close to nature.

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