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Unique Content Guidelines: Why Your Blog Need plagiarism-free content?

Writing unique and original content matters a lot in ranking a site or blog high in search engine result pages.

The best content on the blog post helps to increase the user-engagement and organic traffic.

When you create unique content, your main focus is to provide useful and authentic information to the readers.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some useful tips that can help writers to the unique content in no time.

6 Tips to write Unique and Effective Content

1.   Write Original Content

To write original content, try to research deeply related to the topic and get the main idea of the author.



Write content in your unique words and don’t forget to add your thoughts into it.

Always use quotations while using another person’s work in the content to avoid any plagiarism issues.

2.   Create an Attractive Headline

Creating a strong and effective blog post’s headline plays a key role in getting the user’s attention. Always use catchy and target keywords to attract more audience.

This increases the user-engagement and provides bloggers with more audience.

3.   Add Relevant Visual Media

Adding useful and relevant media files to the content is the perfect way to express the actual purpose of the content in no time.


The visual media can be in the form of infographics, videos, and other useful images.

It helps to interact with more visitors and provides the best user experience.

4.   Write short and meaningful sentences

Long and complex sentences are difficult to read and divert the reader’s attention.

Writing short sentences helps to easily express the meaning of complex sentences.

5.   Use Plagiarism Checking tools

After writing the content, always check the originality of the written content.

For this purpose, you can use different online plagiarism checkers.

The online plagiarism checker scans the given document and compares it with different online databases to find the plagiarized content.

This helps bloggers to make sure that the content they’re going to publish is 100% original and unique.

6.   Cite the Original Source

Citing the actual source of the content is the most important factor in preventing plagiarism issues.

If you’re using another person’s exact words or phrases in the content, don’t forget to add the in-text citation in it.

This helps to increase the content’s originality and also redirects the users to the actual source of the content.

Why your blog need plagiarism-free content?

The originality and uniqueness of the content play a key role to rank a site high in search engines.

Plagiarism is using another person’s exact words or thoughts without crediting the actual source.

Therefore, using plagiarized text in the blogpost is illegal and can cause multiple repercussions to the site.

Being a blogger, if you upload plagiarized content on your blog, it can cause you some different consequences.

Duplicate content on the blog means ineffective SEO and it also affects the ranking of your blog in search engines.

Therefore, always focus on creating effective and unique content for the blog posts to avoid getting any penalty from the search engine.

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